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  • Dr. Sukanta Kumar Jena, CEO, Innovantage

    Dr. Sukanta Kumar Jena, CEO, Innovantage

  • It's quite amazing the way Singapore has emerged as one of the most reinforced and technologically advanced countries in the world. Currently one of the emerging Tech hubs in the Indo-Pacific region, Singapore has been able to build a premium and universally competitive tech industry which collectively continues to explore new frontiers of innovation across AI, cloud computing, quantum computing, data analytics and other novel technologies, contributing significantly to some of the major industry verticals which include security, defense, healthcare, finTech, energy, aviation and more. Setting a great precedent in terms of leveraging these existing market opportunities and landscape to create agile business solutions and take this proposition further forward is Inovaantage ­ one of the fastest growing IT solutions companies in Singapore.

  • Dr. Sukanta Kumar Jena: A Leader Renovating IT Landscape With Strong Experience & Contemporary Skills

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The increasing pace of Covid-19 vaccination is creating a proportional impact on markets across the world. Although, recovering from the pandemic hit economic slowdown is going to be challenging. And the case of Singapore is no different.

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Top 10 CEOs in Singapore - 2021

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Vini Cosmetics, maker of popular deodorant FOGG, has announced the appointment of PepsiCo India Senior Executive Vishal Kaul as its CEO with effect from February 2022. Vishal, who has been serving as PepsiCo India Vice- President and Business


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  • Top 10 CEOs in Singapore - 2021

    According to the Ministry of External affairs of India, there were 350,000 Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and 300,000 Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) in Singapore, meaning that there were 650,000 overseas Indians (the sum of NRIs and PIOs) in Singapore in September 2020. The global trend in the demand & supply for tech talent is growing, and India is one of the greatest sources for techies. The proportion of Indian professionals in Singapore has doubled from 13 percent to 26 percent between 2005 and 2020. The growth of Singapore digital economy and finance are the reasons behind this rapid growth in demand of tech talent.

    Singapore is one of the easiest cities in the world to do business. They have pulled all their economic efforts in to attracting FDIs and creating a suitable trade environment. Loans for foreign investors, the tax incentives & exemptions, probusiness legislation and financial stability of the city makes Singapore one of the favorite destinations for investors all over the world. Countries investing the most in Singapore are the US, Netherlands, and Japan. The World Bank's Ease of Doing Business 2020 report ranked Singapore as the world's second easiest country in which to do business.

    In addition to this, the government of Singapore is investing heavily in automation, artificial intelligence, and integrated systems under its Smart Nation banner and is trying to establish itself as a regional hub for these technologies, thus creating wide opportunities in both business and technology sectors. This is increasing the flow of expatriate techies to the country. However, the country has tightened foreign labor policies to encourage more Singaporean workers.

    The foreign labour policies are a backlash to Indian professionals aspiring jobs in Singapore. But Singapore is the land for many Indians who are epitome professionals who have climbed heights to reach top positions in their organizations. In this issue of CEO Insights magazine, we introduces you a list of 'Top 10 CEOs in Singapore - 2021' who have contributed to the economic development of the country. The following list has been crafted by a team of CEOs, VCs and the our editorial board, thus delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of a powerful nation.

Top 10 CEOs in Singapore - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
d&b audiotechnik Anand Narayanan,President & CEO, Asia Pacific d&b audiotechnik A leader who is well-experienced in international business management, strategy, sales & marketing and aims to provide professional audio solutions, applying innovation and technology
InCorp Global Atin Bhutani,Group CEO InCorp Global An excellent leader with accomplishments in devising & development of business strategies, exceptional sales, service & operational results
Trafigura Chin Hwee TAN,CEO Asia Pacific Trafigura Renowned Chartered Financial Analyst & a Certified Public Accountant, Tan is a recepient of Financial Industry Certified Professional Award from the Singapore government
OCBC Bank Helen Wong, Group CEO OCBC Bank Helen Wong has 36+ years of experience in banking sector with skills for capital markets, syndicated finance & corporate banking
ANT labs Leonard E. Funt,Founder & CEO ANT labs An excellent project manager and off-shore developer with skills in Brand Development, Web Site Traffic Growth, Web Site UI & Advertising Revenue
DBS Group Piyush Gupta,CEO & Director DBS Group Piyush is a 27+ years' experienced and an award winner for Public Service Star by the President of Singapore
Flextronics Revathi Advaithi,CEO Flextronics Recognized strategic leader with excellent manufacturing, procurement, supply chain & sourcing skills and success in digital technology transformation
Rikvin Sarjit Singh, CEO Rikvin An award winner of Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award conferred by Nanyang Technological University, Sarjit helps in development of business from scratch to reality
Innovantage Dr. Sukanta Kumar Jena,CEO Innovantage Dr. Sukanta is pragmatically engaged in delivering unmatched values to customers in the form of tailor-made, tech-powered, pioneering solutions
TechTIQ Solutions Wei Tan,CEO TechTIQ Solutions Wei Tan has topnotch experience in technology solutions of a plethora businesses

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