• Susmita Khare, CPO

    Susmita Khare, CPO

  • In India, the Food and Beverage Industry accounts for ~3% of India's GDP and is the single largest employer in the country, with more than a 7.3 million workforce. Today, segments like fine dining, casual dining, quick-service restaurants, cafes, etc. have found favor with the consumers. The F&B industry has been at the forefront of attracting investments into India and has played an integral role in por-traying India as a land full of opportunities for all. Several success stories of both domestic and multinational companies tapping into the Indian food services sector are examples of the current trends. One such successful tale is of Lite Bite Foods (LBF). With 22 owned and 9 managed brands under its umbrella, Lite Bite Foods is one of India's largest and most dynamic food and beverage retail companies. The firm is proud of its critically acclaimed award-winning brands to include Punjab Grill, Zambar, Asia 7, and The Artful Baker.

  • Susmita Khare: A Proactive Leader Strategizing Growth With A Go-Getter Approach

With Momentum, Comes Great Responsibility

By: Mohammed Atif, Director, Business Development ­ India, Park Place Technologies

"Unprecedented" may have been the winning word of 2020, as a winded world came to terms with the pandemic ­ nevertheless, many businesses continued to grow. From the home office, the drumbeat of innovation kept the markets alive and customers

Challenges Majorly Encounter By New-Age Entrepreneurs

By: Dhana Kumarasamy, CEO, Fulcrum Digital

India currently houses the world's third largest start-up ecosystem. In 2020, the country saw around 12 such unicorns despite the disruption to the economy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. There is tremendous potential for entrepreneurs

Top 10 Chief People Officer - 2021

Luxury Real Estate Market: Millennial Home-Buying Trends In 2020

By: Nishit Jalan, CEO, Grovy India

The real estate market has been on fire this year with a sudden wave of relocations due to the remote work and also, low mortgage rates. Meanwhile, home prices continue to fluctuate since the corona virus outbreak, from hitting a low due to


A Leadership Paradigm Shift For The New Normal

By: Dr.Madana Kumar, VP And Global Head - Leadership Development, UST Global

We hear about "New Normal" a lot these days. COVID 19 has disrupted our lives and this has spawned a whole new set of studies and theories about what the future could hold for our lives.


Transforming The Digital Fintech Landscape With AI

By: Alok Bansal, Md And Country Head India, Visionet Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the Fintech industry profoundly. Fin-tech, as the term suggests, deals with the digital transformation of the finance sector. Advanced technologies can


Going `Vocal For Local' Is The Key To Unlocking Startup And Economic Growth

By: Pravin Khandelwal, Managing Director, Pranay Care And Director, Leadership & Motivation, Risers Accelerator

They say that the punch that knocks you out isn't often the hardest one; it's the one that you don't see


Farming Future - Is It Productive?

By: Tejus Narayanaswamy, CEO, Agriplex

By 2050, world is expecting to have around 10 Billion people, and India as the fastest developing country is likely to have a population of 1.9. Billion people or more. In order to cater such a population, it's highly important to put our acts togeth


How Investors Are Seeing Future Growth In The Trading Of Crypto Coins

By: Sathvik Vishwanath, Co-Founder And CEO, Unocoin

According to a report by Markets And Markets, the cryptocurrency market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.18 percent during 2019-2024, from


Key To Improve Business Margin - `Productivity & Efficiency'

By: Kumar Gaurav, Vice President, Billionsmiles Hospitality

Today, business is evolving, every minute and every second. Consumer demand and consumer perception plays vital role in demand which changes the style of business.

  • Top 10 Chief People Officer - 2021

    Hiring a chief people officer is a huge achievement for some new businesses. Not at all like some of Silicon Valley's fluffier titles like “Boss Evangelist” the CPO job isn't only some stylish title intended to conceal a modest HR gig. Recruiting a CPO addresses a significant change in how a startup imagines its future, including its way of life, qualities, and representatives. The Chief people officer is accountable for dealing with the methodology and cycles identified with building and holding a remarkable group of experts. CPOs act as counselors and advisors-however should likewise have the option to focus in and execute arrangements. Their responsibility of the solutions to guarantee these endeavors support the organization's development and main concern. Working with the association to keep on building up a defined characterized organization culture is another vital job of the CPO. In a beginning up, however a large portion of the way of life is made almost immediately by the President and the establishing group, it is the Chief people officer's responsibility to carry this culture to fulfill through vital “narrating.” This implies guaranteeing that the organization esteems are supported with each activity and correspondence.is to upgrade individuals focused exercises, for example, recruiting, preparing, proficient turn of events. In this issue of the CEO Insights Magazine, a list of 'Top 10 Chief People Officer - 2021' is given to the readers in various areas, for educating the Excellency regarding Chief People Officer in India. The listing is prepared up by a group of industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the CEO Insights Magazine editorial team.

Top 10 Chief People Officer - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
MTX Group Ankita Sinha,Chief People Officer MTX Group Experienced Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in strategizing, implementing and managing global HR and HR operations practices and team
Shipsy Arun Kumar,CPO Shipsy He has in depth knowledge and experience of developing business in Asian markets and mentoring a technology start up
Transworld Group of Companies Balmurali KB,CPO Transworld Group of Companies A Management professional with experience across various Industries like Shipping, Logistics, Aviation, and ITES. He is responsible for the business operations and functions for the Group
Xoxoday Manoj Agarwal,Co-Founder Xoxoday He is skilled in Technology, Product Management, Marketing, Strategy
Civica India Maunesh Bhatt,Head of People and OD Civica India He works closely with the Senior Management team to drive organizational goals through effective human capital management. He aligns people policies with business objectives to build a sustainable and scalable business
Nexdigm Pakzad Nussirabad,CPO Nexdigm A human resources leader with over 20 years of experience in diverse industries and organizations. A proficient catalyst and enabler ensuring continual synergy between people strategy and organizational goals
Infogain Rajiv Naithani,CPO Infogain He is a young, dynamic and a fast tracker HR and OD thought Leader who believes in “Self” being the “Instrument of Change”
Nexus Malls Rohan Vaswani,CPO Nexus Malls He holds a diverse experience in Retail, Manufacturing / Engineering , Real Estate Construction, & ITES with an endeavor to improve organisation performance and happiness
Woke Life Sameer Singh,Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Woke Life He is an experienced strategic leader who specialises in Business Development, with a history of building successful businesses from the ground up. He is deeply passionate about the Real Estate landscape, specifically growing products that help transform lives of customers. He has been a part of teams which have pioneered concepts like Coffee Shops
Lite Bite Foods Susmita Khare,CPO Lite Bite Foods She is a great team leader and is the key who has cultivated an open working environment in the company