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  • Ananth Raj,   Chief Product Officer, Microgrid

    Ananth Raj, Chief Product Officer, Microgrid

  • The fans of neither Tom Cruise nor Steven Spielberg would forget the stellar duo’s 2002 sci-fi blockbuster Minority Report. The movie’s setting is the year 2054. In one of the iconic scenes in the movie, a GAP store customer point scans Tom Cruise’s retinas and immediately starts talking to him: “Welcome back to the Gap Mr. Yakamoto, how are those assorted tank tops working for you?” Even though Spielberg hit the bulls-eye with his prediction of the future of conversational AI, his timing was off by more than three decades since big data & conversational AI already help organizations connect with their customers on a personal level. Enterprise conversational AI platforms (CAIPs) today are taking the patient-doctor relationship to the next level by fostering a data driven culture across the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Ananth Raj: A Technology Wizard Passionate About Creating Wonderful User Experiences

Coordination is Crucial for CPOs

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

A few years ago, Nike,the American Footwear manufacturing company, introduced a new AR feature called `Nike Fit' in their e-Commerce app that allowed customers to measure the whole shape of both their feet and, in turn, find more accurately fitting

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EaseMyTrip, an online travel technology company, has signed an advertisement agreement with Capri Global Holdings, the

Top 10 CPOs in IT industry - 2023

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Jammu and Kashmir Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha on Monday inaugurated power infrastructure projects worth Rs.192 crore, an official said. The 25 projects


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This year, I bought a new car and was looking to buy insurance. At this time, I was exposed to posters by a relatively new brand that told me I could save a sizable sum of money by opting


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The Rajahs, Maharajahs & Emperors of yore used to protect their prized cities & assets with deep moats & high walled forts. All in an attempt to stave off the raiding hordes of barbarians at their gates. In the modern world, companies do the same


Surviving and Thriving Today's Perils of Data Evolution

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The job of a CEO is to optimally lead their venture to achieve potentially significant long term value. The ‘sexy’ fiduciary metrics such as revenue


HR: Cultivating The Workforce To Achieving Business Goals

By: Anuja Karlmarx, Director - Human Resources, ITW India

Below are the essential elements derived by Anuja Karlmarx, Director Human Resources, ITW (Automotive Division), with a conversation with CEO Insights Magazines, from the transforming

  • Top 10 CPOs in IT industry - 2023

    CPO Roles Made Tough by Mutating Digital Transformations & Customer Expectations
    Digital transformations is using digital technologies’ to create new, or modify existing, business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. With the business undergoing digital transformation and technology getting updated day-by-day, the importance of product management function is increasing each and every day. The period of August 2017-2019 saw a hike in product management roles to an astounding 32 percent and trend continue to increase. This is because customer expectation is evolving hence organisations need to deliver excellent digital product experiences to customers. Chief Product Officer (CPO) stay on pulse with customers and understand the problems and needs and use them to decide the features to built next.

    Establishing a product vision, product innovation, product development, product design, and building a product organization all fall under this. The roles and responsibilities of a CPO in accompany in getting more and more difficult with more companies adopting ‘Agile’ concept moving from traditional waterfall method. Unlike the traditional method which is rigid, in agile concept customer has space to express his changing needs with emerging technologies, thus helping the product to be of cutting-edge technology. Hence the product managers need to interact constantly with customers in IT industry during the work of a project, which may take months or years to complete.

    Roles & Responsibilities
     In a nutshell, a CPO leads a product management (PM) team in building great products that deliver sustainable value to the business. From the stage of developing a new product concept to product launch, a CPO balances the needs and goals of both the product and the business, this includes product vision, product innovation, product design, product development, project management, and product marketing.

    In this issue of CEO Insights magazine, we bring you a list of ‘Top 10 CPOs in IT industry - 2023’ who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience for the growth of respective organisations in which they have served. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board.

Top 10 CPOs in IT industry - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
ZS Abhishek Trigunait, Chief Technology & Product Officer ZS A seasoned global leader creating market differentiation by spearheading technology innovations and leading product strategy
Microgrid Technologies Ananth Raj, Chief Product Officer Microgrid Technologies A visionary leader executing his strategies with a process based approach, the best engineering practices and quality, and by owning a product end-to-end over the course of his 13+ years of experience
Progcap Ashish Gupta,Chief Technology & Product Officer Progcap A financial leader skilled in business development, product management, competitive analysis with over two decades of experience
Tata CLiQ Ashutosh Dabral, Chief Product & Technology Officer Tata CLiQ A seasoned entrepreneur working through product management across consumer internet, fintech, ecommerce and expertised in 0-1 products, mobile apps and analytics
Pepperfr Deepak Sharma, Chief Product Officer Pepperfr A seasoned internet professional with over 19 years of experience and demonstrated abilities to manage and market a product through its lifecycle planning, analysis, design, project management and improvement phases
Flipkar Jeyandran Venugopal, Chief Product & Technology Officer Flipkar A experienced professional leading a team spanning all of product management, engineering, design and user research, data science, IT, security, infrastructure and product operations
Meesho Kirti Varun Avasarala, Chief Product Officer Meesho A passionate leader with 15 years of multi-functional leadership experience with a unique blend of diverse skills across building and scaling high performance product management organizations that consistently build industry defining tech products
Exotel Puru Govind, Chief Product Officer Exotel A successful business leader with 15+ years of total experience handling P&L of ~$50m, financial restructuring, technology, product management of $5B, strategy and financial planning
Byjus Ranjit Radhakrishnan,Chief Product Officer Byjus A proven senior product, business and organizational leader having built highly successful products and businesses for India and the Global audience
EvoluteIQ Sanjay Koppikar, Co-Founder & Chief Product EvoluteIQ A serial entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and a rotarian with extensive experience in the IT industry

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