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  • Ranju Goyal, General Counsel

    Ranju Goyal, General Counsel

  • Assisting in the development of the company's policies and procedures, a General Counsel is expected to ensure risk mitigation and compliances in the business in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. With more than 20 years of experience in diverse sectors like infra, power, cement, chemical, logistics, supply and hospitality, Ranju Goyal's proficiency is fuelled by her in-depth knowledge of corporate laws, electricity laws, telegraphy laws, mining laws, employment & labour laws, laws on land acquisition, transfer of property and other related acts. As General Counsel at Stanza Living, Ranju overlooks land & property due diligence, dispute resolution & litigation management, advising on various legal, statutory, and regulatory laws & acts.

  • Stanza Living: Building A World-Class Managed Accommodation Brand On Sound Business Fundamentals

Encouraging your Love for Art!

By: Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor

Once a company signs its first contract or the first patent, emerging businesses tend to encounter complex or specialized legal issues. Budding business COOs, CFOs and CEOs turn their attention to developing a legal risk management

The Pillars Of Purpose-Driven Brand Communication

By: Priyanka Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Havas Group India

Over the last one year, every publication, plat-form and app worth its name reinvented its digital avatar in a bid to grab and then maintain their presence in their consumer's life,

Top 10 General Counsel - 2021

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In today's world, being digitally literate is more important than anything else. Digital literacy is all about the range of skills, behaviors, and habits one has in the digital space. The dynamics of communications have changed drastically over the


Relevance Of Competition Law In Algorithm Driven Digital Market

By: Vijayalakshmi Natarajan, Senior Director, Legal ­ India & Asia Pacific Region, Harman

Globally, the key focus of competition law and policy is to encourage and sustain fair, free competition by regulating the process of competition and prohibiting anti-competitive behavior, such as abuse of dominant position,


The Shape Of Insurance Industry: Now And Then!

By: Peuli Das, Chief & Appointed Actuary, Indiafirst Life Insurance Company

I wouldn't be far from the truth if I say that today, nearly all conversations in the world eventually land up on the same subject - COVID! No matter how far we try to go away from it. Last weekend, while catching up with a school friend and reminisc


Pursuit Of Excellence

By: Rajesh Kumar Singh, Global Head HR, KPIT

Have explored a variety of roles in a professional life of more than 20 years spanning Public sector, Government, Private Sector and Startup. My journey began with State Bank of India as Probationary officer and then I moved to Government of India


Project Management - An Art Or A Science?

By: Deepak Sharma, Global It Director, Business Solutions & Support, Agility

Waterfall, Agile, Six Sigma.... And many other project management methodologies exist. PRINCE, PMP & CAPM and a host of other certifications exist. New ones are added every few years.


Innovation Is The Key Factor For Fintech To Keep The Pace Going

By: Manish Bhatia, President - Technology, Analytics And Capabilities, Lendingkart

During the dotcom boom from 1995 to 2000s, then commerce startups like Amazon, eBay, PayPal, were able to build businesses and scale them on an

  • Top 10 General Counsel - 2021

    In this fast paced and competitive world, constant innovation is the only way for the companies to stay ahead of the curve. While innovation is the bloodline of businesses across all verticals, one must also keep a strict vigil on their competitors' innovation index as well, not to mention the most important ­ staying compliant to various Government rules and regulatory compliances. While most companies rush to innovate and bring new products/services to market, due to inefficient market study and poor knowledge of the legalities involved, they often end-up falling prey to copyrights and IP rights frauds. This is where the need for a legal expert ­ the General Counsel (GC) ­ comes into play.

    In recent times, the role of a GC has evolved drastically and garnered massive importance across verticals. A GC now not just takes care of any legal issues that the company might get into. He/she is now must also make sure that the company operates within the framework of the law at all times, while simultaneously analyzing and mitigating the risks involved in the process. Also, as companies are now keener than before to foray into foreign markets, the responsibilities a GC must shoulder has increased manifold.

    CEO Insights magazine, along with a panel of industry experts   leaders, researchers and CEOs have shortlisted such eminent GCs who not only have thorough knowledge of the domestic rules & regulations, but are also able to steer their companies clear of rough waters beyond Indian boundaries as well. In the current edition of CEO Insights Magazine's `Top 10 General Counsel - ­ 2021', we highlight their tale of struggle, efforts, success and failure stories to empower others from the industry. Hope the issue inspires you to take challenges and emerge as winners.

Top 10 General Counsel - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Sterlite Power Abhayan Jawaharlal,Group Chief Legal Officer Sterlite Power Abhayan has over 25 years of experience in the legal services vertical, and has worked with corporates such as Biocon and Cipla, prior to joining Sterlite Power
Hinduja Group Abhijit Mukhopadhyay,President (Legal) & General Counsel Hinduja Group A legal services industry veteran, Abhijit has 37 years of experience working with companies such as HMT, Dunlop India, Maruti Suzuki, Ranbaxy Industries and many others
Aditya Birla Group Ashok Gupta,Group General Counsel Aditya Birla Group A member of the Company Law Rules Committee, Ashok is also a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries and the Institute of Costs and Management Accountants of India
Religare Nishant Singhal,President & Group GeneralCounsel Religare Nishant has strong legal expertise in Litigation, Drafting, Negotiation, Banking, Credit Analysis, Receivables Management, Debt Recoveries and Credit Risk areas
RackBank Nitin Singh Bhati,General Counsel RackBank With over 15 years of experience in the legal services industry, Nitin specializes in ADR (Arbitration), Legal Writing, Corporate Law, Trials, Cyber Law, Intellectual Property, and many other areas
Citi Bank Padmaja Chakravarty,General Counsel Citi Bank Padmaja has profound expertise in advising financial institutions and companies in Europe and the US on complex corporate transactions, securities offerings and cross-border merger and acquisitions
Nissan Motor Corp Prantap Kalra,General Counsel - India & South Asia Nissan Motor Corp An Indian counsel with rich international work experience, Prantap has worked with global executives across four continents, enriching his leadership skill with diversity
Stanza Living Ranju Goyal,General Counsel Stanza Living Ranju has profound insights into business, legal and compliance risks, enabling her to guide diverse businesses in risk mitigation
SRS Investment Advisors Rohit Dave,General Counsel SRS Investment Advisors Rohit is involved in all aspects of transactions from investment structure to exit, oversee due diligence, negotiate terms and conditions with portfolio companies on behalf of executive management, and ensures compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
Table Space Technologies Vipin Choudhary,General Counsel Table Space Technologies Vipin hold close to two decades of experience in the legal services domain during which he has worked with Lawcombine Advocates, Accenture Services, Artis Legal and OYO, to name few

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