• Melisha Trotman, Primary Principal

    Melisha Trotman, Primary Principal

  • From Kalpana Chawla- an astronaut, Indra Nooyi-President of Pepsi-Co to Nirmala Sitharaman- Finance Minister, women have left no area untouched when it comes to holding leadership chairs. Whether it is the corporate world or politics, 21st-century women can be found everywhere, displaying a statement to the world that they are second to none. Especially the education sector has emerged to be ruled by women. From being the first teacher to her child to grooming the lives of hundreds and thousands of kids, women never fail to bring something different to the table and shape the career of individuals. Among such praiseworthy personalities in the education sector, Melisha Trotman is spearheading The British School (TBS) as the Primary Principal.

  • Melisha Trotman: Transforming Learners Into Future-Ready Leaders With Relevant Knowledge, Skills, And Mindset

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Top 10 Leaders in Education - 2021

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  • Top 10 Leaders in Education - 2021

    There is a constant need for education improvement for which every year education establishments are searching for the betterment of their education system to provide students an outstanding learning experience. This is where education leadership intervenes and many people who are not sure of the local education system, are helped by the education leaders. With the help of forces, knowledge and teachers’ brilliance, education leadership traverses difficult paths, resulting in the improvement of the education quality and the education system. Education leadership aims to the success of students in academics by quality training and improvement in learning materials.

    The major factors that are involved in the success of the educational leadership include the collaboration of students, parents, teachers, policymakers and the general public. According to experts, from standpoint of business, education leadership is the process of controlling quality and management of academics. Experts define the process of educational leadership as envisioning academic success for students irrespective of social or economic boundaries. The leadership roles include people with aspirations for maintaining a responsive learning flow in a healthy and safe environment. The responsibility for supervising the learning development in students is delegated to everyone. Curriculum content improvement and the teaching methodology require a constant check for maintaining education quality standards. While any change in the education process, the leaders check the education system, collect data for checking gaps of improvement and with the help of lead management tools and techniques they help students grow by improving education quality.

    Education leaders have an exclusive understanding of the students’ requisites as they learn from the inclusive reports by every education organization which is already interconnected to the cause of education quality improvement. The leaders are helping in creating huge changes in the current day world of education. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of ‘Top 10 Leaders in Education – 2021’, crafted by a team of education researchers, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial team, is delivered to the readers with information about the leaders’ journey and their inspiring stories on how they changed the education paradigm for students’ development.

Top 10 Leaders in Education - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Ascend International School Aditya Patil,CEO Ascend International School Started as Kasegaon Education Society (KES) by Aditya's grandfather 70 years ago, which is now spread across 39 educational institutions in Maharashtra, Aditya has devoted his life for betterment of educaiton opportunities for children in India
Satnara Academy Anshul Garg,Chairman Satnara Academy Believing in 'Learning and Excelling with Fun', Anshul and his team helps students in IIT-JEE and AIIMS/NEET
Rockwoods International School Deepak Sharma,Director Rockwoods International School Across three prestigious schools Deepak provides world-class education to students which was started by his mother
The Gaudium K. Nityananda Reddy,Chairman The Gaudium Helping children to become a respected member of the society and creating parents dream for children become true
The British School Melisha Trotman,Primary Principal The British School Focused in the development of children and has experience in working for different primary schools
Prometheus School Mukesh Sharma,Chairman & Director Prometheus School Strengthening the education facility for the students and helped the school go past the first 500 students' number
Oakridge International School Pallavi Mishra,Principal Oakridge International School Skilled in strategic planning, instructional design, student development, curriculum development and implementation and parental and community Involvement and contributing with two decades of experience in IBDP, IBMYP and IBPYP and international curricula to the students' growth
Mitgurukul Prof. Vishwanath D. Karad,Founder, Executive Presid & Director General Mitgurukul Leading the development of education for 18+ years involving latest technologies and modern professional practice
Pathways World School Sonya Ghandy Mehta,CEO Pathways World School Experienced in curriculum design, staff development, education leadership, lesson planning, and education technology where she helps children are interested to learn
Zee Learn Vikash Kar,CEO Zee Learn With 20+ years' experience in creating better classroom learning practices, Vikash helps in growth of students and education segment

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