• Dr. (Major) Rajesh Bhardwaj, Director

    Dr. (Major) Rajesh Bhardwaj, Director

  • Defence personnel are the most disciplined and service minded people. They are trained to perfection and are the epitome of true leadership. When they become entrepreneurs and chiefs of enterprises, the whole idea of a business will seem to be unique and upright. A particularly fine example of such a leader with a blend of discipline and service is Dr (Major) Rajesh Bhardwaj - once an army Major, today the founder & managing director of MedFirst ENT Centre. He is one of the best doctors in the country and a well-known veteran in the niche of Otolaryngology. Right from the time he was pursuing MBBS at Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune in 1982, leadership & mettle was deep routed within him. This ardent Major served the Indian army for 15 years and got associated as the Head of ENT department in hospitals like Artemis Health Institute, Columbia Asia Hospitals, and Manipal Hospital (Dwarka).

  • Dr (Major) Rajesh Bhardwaj: Epitome Of Discipline In ENT Care

The Strength that We all Needed

By: Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor

Telemedicine isn't a new vertical in healthcare, but its importance was realized recently during the times of COVID-19 when the whole world was almost under lockdown. However, healthcare remained functional and telemedicine enabled this

How Machine Learning Is Shaping The World

By: Vikram Pawar, CEO And Cofounder, Techchefs

It is all around us. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics have begun making in-roads in our daily lives. What exactly is Machine Learning? As the term suggests, Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI)

Top 10 Leaders In Healthcare - 2020

A Leadership Paradigm Shift For The New Normal

By: Dr.Madana Kumar, VP And Global Head - Leadership Development, UST Global

We hear about "New Normal" a lot these days. COVID 19 has disrupted our lives and this has spawned a whole new set of studies and theories about what the future could hold for our lives.


Healthcare Landscape & Roadmap Towards Complete Digitization

By: Arun Rangamani, SVP - Analytics & Technology, Scio Health Analytics

Healthcare across developed world and partially in the developing world is in the midst of what industry specialists' term as the third wave of digitization.


India Needs More Awareness To Prevent Mortality Through Breast Cancer

By: Dr. Rohan Khandelwal, Breast Cancer Surgeon, CK Birla Hospital For Women

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality among patients suffering from cancer worldwide. Breast cancer among Indian women is the highest worldwide.


Need Of Intuitive Artificial Intelligence In Medical Equipments

By: Dr Amit Saraf, Doctor, Jupiter Hospital

The term "Artificial intelligence (AI)" was coined in the year 1956. Since then extensive research was undertaken, initially focusing on problem solving and symbolic methods, and then gradually venturing into the domain of enabling machines


Bunion Foot

By: Dr. Pradeep Moonot, Orthopaedic Surgeon & Podiatrist, Mumbai Knee Foot Ankle Clinic

If the joint that connects your big toe to your foot has a sore bump, then chances are you may have a bunion, a common deformity. Largely, Bunions develop when the pressures of bearing and shifting your weight fall unevenly on the joints and ten-dons


Stem Cells Treatment As An Alternative To Conventional Treatment

By: Vipul Jain, CEO, Advancells

Afew years ago, if you would have asked anyone about the adult stem cells, he would have had no idea what are you talking about and might have thought that you were referring him the most controversial stem cell treatment.

  • Top 10 Leaders In Healthcare - 2020

    The pandemic has created havoc in the medical industry and healthcare experts are on their toes for the efficient patient and hospital management, where nurses and doctors are requested to follow-up with outgrowing numbers of patient care who are fighting against the deadly disease. From this, it is quite conclusive that there is a steady need for proper support to the frontline workers amidst the global crisis, and one factor which is eliminating the odds out from healthcare centers that are fervently helping patients to recover and favoring the healthcare professionals is the leadership they are receiving. A study conducted by Huron Consulting Group stated that 21 percent of healthcare leaders state that their organizations are devoid of a specific leadership strategy. Moreover, 67 percent of the respondents are opinionating on technology innovation rather than the invention of new technology, and successful healthcare leaders with clinical skills, business competencies, and interpersonal/soft-skills are guiding their organizations to peak of success. With one of the most important skills which is the customer-first attitude, the healthcare leaders are creating buzz for better leadership in other industries. In addition to every other quality mentioned, the healthcare leaders are elevating their respective organizations, and in this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of `Top 10 Leaders In Healthcare - 2020', is presented to the readers for knowledge accumulation about the drastic development possibility in healthcare because of the intervention of the leaders. The leaders are selected after strict scrutiny by the CEO Insights editorial board, industry veterans, and the CEOs and VCs.

Top 10 Leaders In Healthcare - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Quantum Corphealth Dr. Bhavya Vankar,Director/CEO Quantum Corphealth She is an exemplary individual and owing to her eye for perfection she has been able to constantly reinvent herself and strive for consistent growth
Paras Healthcare Dr. Dharminder Nagar,Managing Director Paras Healthcare An experienced professional with exhibited proficiency in hospital and healthcare industry, and also has skills like business planning, management, healthcare management, and business development to his name
Muthoot Healthcare Dr. Georgie Kurien Muthoot,Medical & Managing Director Muthoot Healthcare Creating a strong healthcare organization that can offer class-leading patientcare through his passion for the profession
JBI Healthcare Dr. Janardhan Shetty,Co-Founder & Director JBI Healthcare He has more than a decade's experience in hospital and healthcare in different divisions
SuKinn HealthCare India Dr. Kiran Virat,CMD SuKinn HealthCare India Having 24+ years' experience in different organizations as a leader, he has vast knowledge of business development and strategy planning
MedFirst ENT Centre Dr. (Major) Rajesh Bhardwaj,Director MedFirst ENT Centre An army veteran, carrying four decades of experience as an otolaryngologist
Prolife MultiSpeciality Hospital Dr. Renuka Prasad,MD Prolife MultiSpeciality Hospital An expert nephrologist who envisions to drive quality care at affordable price to the rural population
Perfect Bounce Dr. Richa Singh,Founder & CEO Perfect Bounce A healthcare professionals with 12+ years' experience in supporting with innovative changes and rehabilitation as a sports physiotherapist
Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consultancy Rizwan Thakur,Associate Director Consulting Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consultancy He has impeccable experience in healthcare management consulting and business domains like marketing and strategic planning
Medicuality Healthcare Services Dr. Savitha Narasimhaiah,Founder and CEO Medicuality Healthcare Services She is a trainer with 20+ years' experience in patient care, team development, and leadership

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