• Shwetha Bharathwaj,  Founder & CEO

    Shwetha Bharathwaj, Founder & CEO

  • There is a reason why Shakti, the ultimate cosmic energy in Hinduism, is a female deity – the unparalleled power of women to create another life! The definition of this power also implicates the sacrifices she makes - from hosting changes in her body throughout the pregnancy period to partially or completely giving up her career. A recent study shows that more than 40 percent of women with full time jobs discontinue their STEM career (or switch to part-time jobs) after having their first child. But when the time came, Shwetha Bharathwaj, Founder & CEO of HerAlpha - India’s first woman-only investment platform (Android App available in Google Pay), stood amidst the rest 60 percent of mothers and stout-heartedly chose the path of entrepreneurship; thanks to her perseverance that’s imbued with a great vision: financial inclusion of women.

  • Shwetha Bharathwaj: An Entrepreneur Leveling the Playing Field for Women

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We have spoken enough on gender equality. Speaking won’t do much good, but action would.

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10 Best Young Women Entrepreneurs - 2019

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  • 10 Best Young Women Entrepreneurs - 2019

    Any woman in the country who stands still, looking at the glass ceilings with an empty bag of inspiration, should take a look at the iconic photograph of Nirmala Sitaraman standing tall as the only woman defense minister amidst the attendees of ‘Fifth ASEAN Defense Minister’s Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus)’. But despite the sparks of women’s leadership in politics and even despite the interventions by the government, the corporate India is still on a slow track to bring women to the top leadership. India ranks fifth-lowest in having women in top leadership roles. A recent study based on the NSE-listed companies shows that only 67 out of 1,814 chief executives & MDs are currently women. They constitute a mere 3.69 percent. This implicates that the stats are almost unmoved since 2014, when 3.2 percent or 40 out of 1,249 CEOs/MDs were women. But on the brighter side, even though the numbers don’t market for women empowerment, the strong women leaders, who made it to the top, do. On the other hand, outside the NSE-list, the subcontinent’s gender disparity has taken a toll in the recent past. The representation of women in top leadership positions has risen to 20 percent in 2018. Needless to say, a lion’s share of credit goes to the young women in the country who have broken new paths. It’s an ideal time to talk about the leading & emerging Women Entrepreneurs in India. CEO Insights traces out a bunch of ‘Jhansi Ranies’ in the Indian corporate realm. We have created a list of ‘10 Best Young Women Entrepreneurs - 2019’. A renowned panel of industry’s topmost CEOs, directors, and industry analysts, including CEO Insights’ editorial board dissected the list throughout the year, analyzing the occupants across coordinates. This index will help you know about the anecdotes of some of the greatest and emerging women leaders in the subcontinent.

10 Best Young Women Entrepreneurs - 2019

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Frontier Markets Ajaita Shah,Founder & CEO Frontier Markets With 15 years of experience in the Indian rural business, Ajaita aims to bring changes in the society by creating more access to products, services and awareness for the poor in India
Thrillophilia Chitra Gurnani Daga, CEO Thrillophilia An innovative travel women entrepreneur, changing the landscape of the traveling industry through her online marketplace simplifying the activities & activity tours
The Sedibus Deepa Balasubramanian, CEO The Sedibus Holding diverse experiences, she outshines as an author, entrepreneur and leader who has been inspiring countless women from diverse backgrounds
Kiwings Dhwani Swaminarayan, Founder Kiwings Driven by the passion of enabling individuals with higher retail knowledge and skills, Dhawni is creating a difference in the industry
Garima Satija Garima Satija, Founder Garima Satija A young entrepreneur with an unique idea started her venture to make experiential customer engagement, loyalty and retention marketing effortless for enterprises and merchants
Vizanalitique Software Hiral Raval, CEO Vizanalitique Software An inspiring soul, she is changing the tech consulting realm through her distinctive approach to handhold clients till they reap the benefits of the solutions
Strava Technologies Jancy Jose, CEO & Managing Director Strava Technologies An inspiring soul with a dedicated will to bring changes in the Space Technology & Cyber Security Space while providing best in class services and simplifying the operations of the clients
C2X Nisha Dhanuka, Founder & CEO C2X Driven by the passion towards employability skill development, she has built a successful training & coaching organization from scratch
HerAlpha Shwetha Bharathwaj, Founder & CEO HerAlpha A young entrepreneur, strong woman and a super-mom, whose mission is to create a financial platform that will be the one-stop shop for all financial needs of women
All About Eve Bani G Anand, Founder & CEO All About Eve A multi-faceted serial entrepreneur with strong finance expertise steering her venture towards newer heights