Nisha Dhanuka: A Passionate Entrepreneur Transforming Lives Countrywide

Nisha Dhanuka: A Passionate Entrepreneur Transforming Lives Countrywide

As the training industry is rapidly changing with ever evolving learning methodologies, it is imperative for the players in the industry to foresee & adapt to those methodologies. It is by mastering this art, Nisha and Ankur Dhanuka (the life and business partners) have been successfully steering their venture C2X, a training & coaching organization that addresses the challenges of employability at all levels, towards pinnacle.

Extremely passionate about students and their employability skill development, Nisha spearheads a very efficient inhouse content development team along with more than 100 plus trainers PAN India with her Business Development & Marketing prowess, whereas Ankur adeptly orchestrates C2X’s operations including strategy building, tweaking offerings and so forth. Renowned for conducting experiential training programs, her venture today stands tall as one of the key providers of value to its clients in India & Sri Lanka with content infused with cutting edge research, engaging training methodologies and expert facilitation. Nisha, in an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, reminisces about her journey and delineates C2X’s activities.

Kindly share the inception story of C2X? How has your journey been so far?
During my stint at a Corporate Banking Group, I often had the opportunity to guide and train freshers in my team. As I realized I so much enjoy the people development space, I decided to follow my heart. Although people initially did not accept a CA/core finance person to get into training, I was determined to do what I wanted to do rather than what I am supposed to do. The belief that ‘Anything is Possible’ empowered the co-founders to float our dream company with no financial backing in 2012. We pushed forward with a passion and never let any stone unturned to meet or beat the client expectations.

As the wise people say, keep doing the good work and the work will speak on its own. Our first milestone was when we got our first big client an MNC Bank, for whom we are still a top three preferred learning partners. Through our network, we kept getting more and more
referrals leading to an increasing number of clients and business. Started with building customized and high impact learning programs, C2X is now working with leading Indian & MNC corporates across sectors & geographies.

Tell us about C2X along with its services.
C2X operates in the Human Capital Development space ranging from HR Consulting, Leadership Development programs, women leaders development, soft skills, sales trainings, consulting skills and executive coaching. We have delivered multiple training programs to several Multinational Banks, Consulting organizations, e-Commerce companies, leading IT/ITES and manufacturing companies, besides enhancing the employ ability quotient of the students at colleges. We have launched many exhaustive products across the finance, HR, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, soft skills and communication skills domains to enhance their skills & employability.

As a first step towards our vision of promoting the culture of continuous learning in SMEs, we initiated C2X Learning Café and custom designed 'Navratna' a series of nine soft skills spread over nine months, conducted on third Friday of every month for five hours only, exclusively for the Small business owners and their employees. With its success, we intend to introduce more such series on themes like Leadership Development forSMEs and Empowering New Age Entrepreneurs.

Kindly brief us about your CSR activities.
I share my perspective on managing work life balance and finances on various forums especially for women entrepreneurs & leaders.It gives me immense satisfaction when few of them come back & shared how my interaction helped them in their business.

Likewise, we learnt that students are hungry to learn from the people working in the industry and the corporates have the urge to contribute back to the society. We bridged the gap under our CSR initiative where we get both of these on board with defined goals to achieve and in return, we attain immense happiness and satisfaction. We have a dream that
within four years, we would be called upon by our Indian Government when they formulate policies on upskilling India.

How has your family supported you in your career so far? Also, share with us some of your interests and hobbies, and favourite cuisines, and how do you engage yourself in your free time?
I have been fortunate to have a very strong backing from my life partner Ankur, who has always supported me in my journey to chase my dreams. Also, my parents & brothers stood by me during my challenging times and I don’t shy away from saying that I am what I am because of my parents, brothers & my husband.

I love to read books, meet friends, & catch up on my sleep whenever time permits. I love home-made food & in free time like to chit chat with my son Tanay. Travelling has always been a destressor for me. When I do take time out to unwind, I love to try new cuisines and restaurant.

Do you have any advice or suggestions in mind for other peers or women who seek to fulfil similar dreams?
Being from the learning space, we read, discuss & apply and recommend to others to. That’s the recipe to faster professional development. Failure is a taboo in the ecosystem we live in. Don’t be deterred by such instances. Take this as an opportunity to learn and rediscover yourself!

Key Management
Nisha Dhanuka, Co-Founder& CEO
Nisha is an MBA in finance, a Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary, who has also completed her courses on Certified NLP Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, following her passion to understand more about human behaviour.

•All India Business Rankers Award 2018
•Chosen for Goldmansachs 10K Women Entrepreneurs Program at IIM-Bangalore
•All India Rank holder and Gold Medallist in Chartered Accountancy
•Excellence award during her MBA for maintaining a CGPA of 10 for four consecutive terms

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