49 Types of Insurance Every Business Must Have


49 Types of Insurance Every Business Must HaveSafeguarding your company from potential risks is essential to every business, whether small or large. However, business insurance policies come with various coverage plans to meet the requirements of each type of business.

Therefore, before purchasing any insurance po- licy for your business, you should learn about the policy coverage, benefits, and other details. It will help you determine whether the chosen policy is suitable for your business or not.  

Top 6 Business Insurance Policies to Secure Your Company

It is essential to safeguard your business with a suitable insurance policy. Here are some of the best business insurance policies that can benefit you:

  • Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Employers can purchase this business insurance policy to compensate for the losses caused to their employees during an accident at the workplace. This policy protects employers from lawsuits and helps them comply with the Workmen's Compensation Act.

Besides, this policy also covers the medical expenses of employees suffering from diseases. Under the Workmen Compensation Insurance policy, employees get coverage for disability, body injury, and even death.

  • Group Health Insurance

Business owners can also opt for group insurance policies like Employee Health Insurance and Group COVID-19 Cover. Employers can get a group health insurance policy to cover the medical expenses of all the employees working in the company.

A group health insurance policy benefits a company's employees and an employer in many ways. It is comparatively cheaper than individual plans and helps employers claim tax benefits. 

  • Property Insurance

If your commercial property and its content are damaged or lost due to theft, natural calamities, fire, etc., they are covered by property insurance. There are various types of Property Insurance policies, such as Sign Board Insurance, Burglary Insurance, and Building Insurance.

Sign Board Insurance, as the name suggests, covers the damages caused to your company's hoardings by natural disasters, fire, or theft. Besides, if the signboard falls accidentally, causing damage to any third party, this policy will cover all the liabilities.

Burglary Insurance covers the losses and damages caused to your commercial property by burglary. It also provides coverage for the theft of valuables like jewellery, cash, etc. However, you can purchase this policy as an add-on, as it is not a standalone insurance policy.

A Building Insurance Policy covers commercial properties like offices, shops, or buildings. It covers the damages and losses caused to your building due to theft, natural disasters, fire, etc.

  • Liability Insurance

If your business operation causes injury or damage to a third party, you can purchase Liability Insurance depending on your business needs. There are different types of insurance policies under Liability Insurance.

General Liability Insurance covers your business's legal liabilities due to damages or losses caused to any third party. It also covers personal and advertising injuries and other injuries caused by your organisation's operations.

Public Liability Insurance will cover all claims if a third party is injured or experiences any loss on your business premises or due to your business operation.

Management Liability Insurance covers the liabilities of your company’s management. With this policy, your company's managers and directors are covered against claims of malpractice or wrongdoing.

Businesses often need to contract with clients or other parties. A Contractual Liability Insurance policy covers any legal expenses or financial losses involved in such contracts. Again, Professional Liability Insurance protects professionals such as engineers, lawyers, architects, consultants, and accountants from negligence, malpractice, and error claims.

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Situations like accidents, fires, collisions, etc., may cause damage to your commercial vehicle and its driver. A Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy covers such losses and damages. Besides, this insurance policy will cover such liabilities if your vehicle has damaged any third party during an accident.

Cab businesses or any other public transportation like buses, autos, or even goods-carrying vehicles must insure their business with this policy. It provides coverage to the passengers and goods as well.

  • Money Insurance

Your business-related monetary transactions are in safer hands with the money insurance policy. It covers transactions through drafts, postal orders, cheques, and even cash. So, a Money Insurance Policy has your back if your money is lost due to theft or faces any accidental damage when it is secured at a cash counter or in transit.

There are multiple types of business insurance policies to protect an organisation and the owner from legal and financial liabilities. Every responsible business owner should safeguard their company with the right insurance policy and stay protected from financial liabilities.