Anant Raj Ltd. to Invest Rs.10,000 Crore to Build Data Center


According to Amit Sarin, managing director of Delhi-based Anant Raj Limited, the company plans to develop 300 MW data centre buildings with a total investment of 10,000 crore over the next few years.

He told that the company has previously built three IT buildings in Haryana, in Manesar, Rai, and Panchkula, and is now in the process of converting these structures into data centres.

"The three projects have the potential to accommodate 300 MW of data, and we benefit from having pre-existing structures that only need to be adapted to meet the data centre specifications." The first phase of Manesar Park is complete, with a capacity of 21 MW, and the entire project is designed for a total capacity of 50 MW," said Sarin.

Anant Raj owns 1.2 million square feet on a 10-acre plot in Manesar, 2.1 million square feet on a 25-acre plot in Rai (with the potential to double capacity), and 500,000 square feet on a 10-acre plot in Panchkula (with expansion options).

"We have the potential to reach 50 MW in Manesar, while Rai can accommodate a 200 MW data centre." Panchkula can also accommodate a 50 MW data centre. "We've started the process with Manesar and plan to convert other buildings based on market demand," Sarin said.

According to industry experts, a megawatt of data centre capacity costs between 55 and 60 crore. Anant Raj, on the other hand, is doing it for 25 crore per MW, owing to its long-held land ownership and existing building structures.