International SOS Welcomes CT Sadanandan as the Senior Advisor for the Indian Subcontinent




A leader in health, security risk management, and well-being solutions worldwide, International SOS is happy to announce that CT Sadanandan (CTS) has been appointed as the Senior Advisor for the Indian Subcontinent.

With his vast expertise, Sadanandan will be able to handle difficult problems in travel risk management, workplace safety, business continuity, organizational resilience, threat intelligence, and duty of care in this important capacity.

As a recognized thought leader in the field, CTS has nearly forty years of experience in a variety of positions and businesses. His most recent position was Vice President and Head of Corporate Services, BCM & CSR at Tata Communications.

In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic and other extraordinary problems, he was instrumental in the establishment of a strong Business Continuity Management (BCM) framework on a global scale during his tenure.

Neeraj Balani, Managing Director, International SOS, Indian Subcontinent, expressed his excitement, stating, "CTS is among the best in the Business continuity industry. His widespread knowledge of people, processes, and technology to drive business continuity, coupled with extensive leadership experience, will aid in better assisting clients for a stronger future. We're thrilled to add him to our roster of excellent experts."

Sadanandan shared his enthusiasm about joining International SOS, stating, "International SOS is known for providing the most high-quality health and security care to its clients, and I'm pleased to join this team. I look forward to working alongside leading security experts and providing impactful solutions that help protect organizations and, more importantly, their people."


His leadership was acknowledged at the group and industry levels for playing a crucial role in guaranteeing company continuity in more than 30 countries. Additionally, he is recognized for having designed and successfully implemented the organization's Global Emergency Response structure using the duty of care methodology.

During his tenure in the Indian Army, CTS gained valuable expertise in crisis management. During his early years, he was assigned to the elite National Security Guard (Black Cat Commandos) and participated in the peacekeeping mission in Sri Lanka.

After leaving Tata Communications, Sadanandan started his own company, C2S, with the goal of sharing his knowledge of developing people's skills and competencies through technology, people, and process interventions in the workplace services, business continuity, and corporate social responsibility domains.