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Biju Sebastian: A Leading Firm Catering Distinctive Ceramics Products With Global Standards

Biju Sebastian: A Leading Firm Catering Distinctive Ceramics Products With Global Standards

   Biju Sebastian,       VP-HR

Biju Sebastian


The ceramic industry began around a century ago and has since expanded to form an industrial foundation. Through innovations in product profile, quality, and design, the industry has evolved, emerging as a modern, world-class industry ready to compete on a global scale. Despite the presence of several large companies in the ceramics sector, small and medium-sized businesses account for more than half of India's total market.

Somany Ceramics is the one stop solution for a wide range of Indian interior decor and tiles. This firm is an ideal destination for an extensive range of products including ceramics tiles, floor tile, polished vitrified tile, and many others. Somany is a comprehensive décor solution provider concerning the evolving needs of customers and dynamic trends in the market. Somany Ceramics is featured as Best Companies to work in India. The unique quality of design and focused innovation makes this firm stands unique in the ceramic market.

Biju Sebastian, the company's VP­ of HR, speaks exclusively to CEO Insights magazine about the company's unique approach and specialty.

How do you define Somany ceramics as an Organization and How do you differentiate your products from others in the market?
Somany Ceramics began as an ideology, a vision that our esteemed Founder, Shri H. L. Somany, set in motion to become one of the leading names in the Indian Ceramic Industry. Holding fast to his values and principles has greatly strengthened the Organization's foundation. Our company has a presence in more than 55 countries and more than 10,000 touchpoints in the United States. Somany Ceramics is thus to me a close-knit family of cogs and pegs that work together to keep the Organization's gears turning smoothly. We can accomplish this because the Organization's core values are instilled in each of us, as well as our well-defined processes and procedures.

For a long time, we were all perplexed by the unknown reaction of the market to the 2020 lockdown. As soon as the lockdown was lifted, markets began to recover force fully and fervently. Because of the increased demand, we increased
production by 20 percent, orders were filled on time, and we closed at 2122 Cr by the end of FY 2021-2022. Because of the brand's high quality and standardized distribution, Somay Ceramics has quickly become the first choice for consumers from all walks of life. The firm has three main sources of supply the bank,raw material suppliers, and a vendor who supplies us with finished goods. This is the one-of-a-kind supply chain that the company follows since its inception.

The products are an amalgamation of world-class standards with a classical appeal to it

Reflect on the unique aspect of your HR Policy. What are the growth opportunities and recognition the employees can expect from your firm?
All HR policies are defined in light of the organization's current and future goals. These goals serve as the foundation for all operational plans and actions at various functional levels, and they are derived and culminated from the Organization's Vision and Mission. Because HR strategy is a critical component of achieving business goals, we thoroughly understand the business context, key business opportunities, and challenges or roadblocks that must be overcome to achieve our goals. Our Human Resource strategic approach is forward-thinking and adaptable.

On the one hand, we are strict in streamlining or standardizing our policies; on the other hand, we are equally flexible in letting go of obsolete standards to make way for new, improved ideals that are more up-to-date and adaptable to our business needs. We recognize that it is not enough to simply hire the right person it is also critical to maintain, develop, and retain these talents. We design and implement development interventions to nurture and mobilize the existing talent pipeline, make talent future-ready, and move competent talent upwards in succession paths. Our strategic leadership development programs are called Ninjas(for individual contributors), Arjuna(for managers), and Samarthya (for all employees)(for Senior management).

What does Somany expect from new candidates in terms of attitude, work ethic, and talent among others?
We have five most important expectancies from all our employees, new or tenured, the ones are customer Focus Providing well timed decisions to all patron concerns, and enhancing pleasant of the carrier via way of means of constantly keeping customers' wishes in mind. Secondly, Maintain Professionalism Display professionalism, admiration, and
honesty. The third one, Be a Team Player Collaborating and operating collectively in the direction of organizational desires. The fourth one, Be Responsible Take duty for his or her overall performance and output, as properly as stable non-public desires with the ones of the organization. And the closing one is Ethical Conduct Adherence to the Organization's Code of Conduct and consistent admire for the Organization's standards and values.

What are the ways of recognizing top talents & great performance within the organization?
we assess potential leaders and performers through numerous Competencies Based Selection Tools and Assessment and Development Centres. We have three essential Leadership Development recognition packages which are Samarthya Samarthya is a management improvement Initiative, which goals to increase the capacity of leaders of Today into Future prepared enterprise leaders through insightful gear like Assessment and improvement facilities and 360-degree feedback. This method has helped us to get a complete evaluation of a leader's ability, according to perceptions of various levels/employees. The getting to know & developmental plan is primarily based totally on this application objective the important thing is the gap regions of a leader, making the getting-to-know projects greater strategically aligned. Arjun as Looking out for outstanding skills to be center control.

Based on overall performance and key traits required to be an outstanding leader, this platform allows perceive potential leaders and construct the pool vital for Samarthya in time. Ninjas This complete evaluation and improvement application is performed through Assessment Development Centres (ACDC) method. Industry recognized panel professionals check the skills on a based competency framework and coach them to construct on their diagnosed gaps. Aimed at the front liners it's miles a fast song improvement initiative. It specializes in assessing the capacity of top income performers for management roles. This application allows the construction of the pool for center control and increases income leaders.

Biju Sebastian,VP-HR, Somany Ceramics
Biju, a globetrotter by nature and an avid businessman by profession, can truly be described as an explorer, heartily rambling with an evolved canvas of experiences. Biju Sebastian dreamily brings life to his expeditions with an edge toward technology, a sharp aesthetic sense, and an ever-lasting yearning for nature capturing the frames of new heights and new perspectives every day.

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