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Creative Synergies Group: A Global Leader In Digital Innovation

Creative Synergies Group: A Global Leader In Digital Innovation

Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi,   Founder & CEO

Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi

Founder & CEO

In the present competitive world, where high expectations are set on businesses given the seismic evolutions in business trends and technology, organizations are tapping onto potential talent from industries to top the game. Also, where skills and talent remain prime, a healthy and vibrant work environment does wonders in driving that push within the individuals to perform their best. Striving for innovation and productivity in their businesses, organizations today are imperatively emphasizing on building better work environment for employees, with improved functional systems, HR policies, and comfortable infrastructural space, followed by encouraging work culture in order to boost enthusiasm.

Rooted in Okemos, Michigan, United States, Creative Synergies Group(Creative) is a leading digital innovation solution provider that focuses on providing the global clients with top-notch IT Services and Consulting synergizing its deep domain expertise and NextGen technologies. The company is the brainchild of Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi who is also representing the company as its CEO. Under his aegis, Creative Synergies Group is leveraging its significant experience across industries and proven track record with over 40+ Fortune 500 companies to deliver convergence of digital engineering, embedded systems and software technologies.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi spoke about the unique work culture and growth opportunities offered to employees by Creative Synergies Group.

How would you define Creative Synergies Group as an organization and its position in the market?
Founded in 2011, Creative is a company that’s entrenched to help businesses across the world with their digital transformation journey, visioning for continuous innovation in NextGen technologies, digital engineering, embedded systems and software development. Working with over 100 domain experts and 850 engineers globally, it specializes in green technologies, cloud engineering, AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR, 5G, SaaS, PaaS and TaaS, and offers a myriad of solutions with domain expertise in product & process engineering for the transportation
aerospace, infrastructure, industrial systems, hitech and consumer technology sectors. Its flexible business model is an add-on value it provides to its customers through multiple options such as ODC, Fixed Cost, Risk/Reward, IP Development, IP sharing and Pay Per Use.

Creative capitalizes on the synergy between its deep domain expertise and its mastery of NextGen technological breakthroughs

Employing over 950 engineers, today it works with 40+ Fortune 500 companies and has branches in India (Bengaluru and Pune), Japan (Tokyo), The Netherlands (Rotterdam), Germany (Frankfurt) and the UK (Warwick). Having 92 percent customer retention record, it is also worthy of numerous awards like Company of the Year In Product Design (2017), 30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch (2018), 10 Most Admired Tech Companies (2019), Company of the Year in Digital Engineering (2020) Company of The Year In Digital Innovation (2021).

What are the latest industry trends and methodologies adopted in the company to train the employees to relish the best? What are growth opportunities the employees can expect?
Creative operates on the synergy between its deep domain expertise and its mastery of NextGen technological breakthroughs. We stay a step ahead, providing cutting-edge technologies(AI, ML, IoT, or any industry 4.0 solutions) to businesses across industries, addressing the needs of our global clientele.

For employees, we have several training programs, coaching sessions and modules to make learning more accessible. Creative follows a holistic approach to L&D with modules ranging from informal leadership coaching sessions to scheduled L&D programs. Working amidst a diverse, vibrant and thriving work culture, our employees have found value in finding a home with us for years, building meaningful relationships and leveraging global opportunities. What’s more that a career with us stretches way beyond work because we understand that great talent requires an all rounded career approach and a healthy work-life balance.

Tell us about the company’s job security policies which make the employees feel safe in their job. What initiatives the company takes to make the workplace fun and encouraging for employees.
We hold unrivaled technical knowledge and a drive for outstanding delivery, while our focus
lies in finding success in the digital transformation journey of our clients. Instilled with curiosity, we are always on a quest for new ideas, and thus our success and growth stems from our ‘can do’ culture. Employees can explore several career paths and have a very secure long-term future with Creative.

With our vision to deliver excellence through our solutions across industries, we look forward to onboarding bright and eager talent who can keep on track. We support our employees’ professional growth journey, give them the opportunity to work with a team of exceptional talent and hope that they make meaningful connections along the way, contributing to the front lines of digital innovation and working towards empowering a smarter future. We are growing at a phenomenal pace and hiring across a broad spectrum of verticals, skillsets and experience levels for our operations in India, US, Europe and Japan. We love hearing from our employees on a regular basis how they feel about Creative enabling them to realize their professional dreams.

We regularly host activities that are targeted towards giving back to the community and helping employees relax and have much deserved fun through CSR Activities (Smart Self Help Groups, Women in Sustaining the Environment (WISE), Gender Conversation Workshops for CRPF), and celebratory events during occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, and more. The events organized are filled with fun activities such as Tambola, Pictionary, Q&A sessions, and a lot more.

What is the role CREATIVE has envisioned to take in the near future? What is the level of impact it strives to bring to the market?
Creatives goal has always been to provide its global clientele with the best digital transformation solutions. In the coming years, Creative aims to consistently advance its technological expertise, providing the customers with nothing but the best. It also aims to onboard exceptionally talented individuals to grow its team substantially, helping them scale their NextGen capabilities. Our goal is to keep transforming into a unique purpose-driven digital innovation company dedicated to reducing global warming, keeping children and society safe, and contributing to a sustainable future.

Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi, Founder & CEO, Creative Synergies Group
A pioneer in advanced digital innovation solutions, Dr. Gandhi has been a Professor and Researcher who is recognized for publishing over 200 technical publications on innovations in technology driven product engineering and innovative global product development strategies.

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