Kaizad Hansotia: A Pioneering Entrepreneur With An Unwavering Passion For Business Excellence | CEOInsights Vendor
Kaizad Hansotia: A Pioneering Entrepreneur With An Unwavering Passion For Business Excellence

Kaizad Hansotia: A Pioneering Entrepreneur With An Unwavering Passion For Business Excellence

Kaizad Hansotia,  Founder & CEO

Kaizad Hansotia

Founder & CEO

The process of selling products and attracting potential customers have changed a lot over the years. This change can be primarily attributed to the penetration of technology, but the recent pandemic has significantly propelled the adoption of technology in selling products and reaching more customers.

Swirl is one of the leading players in the retail tech space, offering a plethora of live commerce and virtual shopping services. The brand's most popular features include One-to-Many video shopping, One-to-One virtual shopping, and Short Video Stories.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire, Kaizad Hansotia is the brain behind Swirl and under his guidance, the company has been able to break new business frontiers and blaze its own path to success within a short span of time.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Kaizad talks more about his entrepreneurial journey and the unique business operations of Swirl.

Can you take us through the inception story of Swirl?
Prior to starting Swirl, I had another business that enabled young, independent fashion brands to connect directly with customers and retail businesses, both online and offline. Then, during the pandemic, we saw a huge influx of customers towards our e-Commerce platforms, as well as a large number of sales purely through live videos on Whats app and social media.

This inspired us to combine our e-Commercea and retail expertise to build a user-friendly video shopping experience, thereby tapping into a segment of the market with
immense growth potential.

During this process, a surprising number of companies contacted us, without any business outreach from us, seeking support for creating a similar video shopping experience on their website. That's what led to the establishment of Swirl. As of now, we have a presence in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia, and are working on a few big plans.

We see immense growth market potential in this segment going forward and we want to position ourselves in the best possible manner

Can you talk more about your entrepreneurial journey?
I've always been captivated by stories of pioneering entrepreneurs and from a young age, have wanted to create an impact in the world. Even during my college days, I was working on or with businesses to help them grow, and at the same time, gaining valuable real-life entrepreneurial experience. Some of the businesses that I started during this time even helped me to pay off my college tuition fees.

Gradually, I started to get support from my teachers and even when I refused a lucrative job offer, they were kind enough to understand my decision and motivated me to pursue my dreams. So, I would say that I always had an entrepreneurial bug inside me and even today, this desire to have a positive impact in the world is what drives me forward.

Give us a brief overview of Swirl?
We are one of the leading and fast-growing video commerce SaaS companies in the world, with a diverse clientele that includes market leading brands from multiple industry verticals. The pandemic has boosted our business and our aim is to become one of the top five companies globally, in the near
future. We help clients bridge the online-offline gap in e-Commerce. Their customers enjoy online shopping with a human touch and deeper engagement, and our clients report significantly higher conversion rates and ROI

Apart from this, we use cookie less technology tools and help our clients get first party customer data. Recently, we have also started to create more Web 3.0 tools from AI to blockchain and various other innovative technologies. With all this, we want to make the process of building a global brand much more efficient for our clients.

What is your success mantra?
In such a nascent industry, it's important to offer support to our clients at every step. So we listen closely to their needs, take time to understand their pain points, and customize a package that will best help them reach their goals. Following this customer-centric approach is what helped us to grow to this scale in this short amount of time. Also, owing to the quality of our services, we have been able to drive our business growth predominantly through references and word of mouth.

What are some of the major future plans of the company?
We see immense market potential in this segment going forward and we want to position ourselves in the best possible manner.We've been working on strengthening our presence in the Middle Eastern, Asia Pacific, Latin American, North American and European markets. At the same time, we are also aiming to get into new business verticals as well so that we can cater to a wider customer base and enhance their customer engagement and conversion rates.

Kaizad Hansotia, Founder & CEO, Swirl
Kaizad, Founder and CEO started his entrepreneurial journey from the young age of 15, selling products door to door. From this beginning, Kaizad has become one of the brightest entrepreneurial minds in the Indian corporate realm. The fact that he led Swirl, a young startup, through the pandemic and on to great success, shows what kind of a leader he is.

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