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Md Mohin Habib: Leading An Ambitious Mission To Solarize Bangladesh

Md Mohin Habib: Leading An Ambitious Mission To Solarize Bangladesh

Md Mohin Habib,   CEO

Md Mohin Habib


Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and more than a quarter of its rural population still does not have access to electricity. For millions of people, agricultural, industrial, and household activities are difficult, or even impossible, after sunset. Keeping in mind the need to completely solarize Bangladesh, Md. Mohin Habib, CEO, Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy started leading the company & pledged to offer a suffering-free life to the people of the country. Md. Mohin Habib has over 23 years of professional experience in diversifying sectors. He has 15 years of experience working with Ericsson, the world’s largest telecom industry.

Mohin is known for his excellent performance skills & undertaking responsibilities for managing team, technology, SLA & revenue at a global level. Utilizing his impeccable accomplishments, the proficient leader is on the mission to escalate the benefits of renewable energy across Bangladesh. The advantages of renewable energy to the environment have made him more passionate about the sector and he is striving to save the resources of Earth from being extinct. Below is an excerpt of the CEO Insights exclusive interview with him.

would you define Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy as an organization and its contribution to the development of Bangladesh?
Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy is playing a leading role in the promotion of solar photovoltaic solutions in Bangladesh. It is a very renowned company with fantastic prospects in renewable energy sectors. It has been transforming the lives of people and lighting up different parts of the country. Our solar PV solutions and energy-efficient appliances are providing solar energy solutions for households, agriculture, education, telecommunication, rural streets, and marketplaces, as well as government and private institutions. Rahimafrooz has lightened up more
than 10 million rural homes in Bangladesh. And the company is endeavoring to do much more in the future. We are looking forward to installing 1800 solar irrigation pumps, 2000 solar streetlights, and numerous rooftop solar in all industrial sectors.

The success mantra of my life has been to set a goal and work towards it with full dedication while defeating all challenges with sincerity & honesty

What are the challenges you have experienced in your initial days with Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy?
After joining the organization, my first challenge was the COVID-19 pandemic. The whole country was shut down, and our revenue was nearly zero. We had to ensure a regular salary for our employees. That was the biggest challenge I have ever faced. I had to implement strategies to shut down the unproductive segments of the company and also had to clear old unused inventory stops. Our strategies focused on recovering bad debts and collecting receivables from the market so that we could run our operations successfully. With time we were able to resume financial stability with a few mega projects in the country.

What are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee?
The renewable energy market is changing rapidly. More industries and factories are now wanting to use renewable energy to become cost-effective. In 2020, the Bangladesh government directed all government agencies to install rooftop PV as part of an advertising program to generate 300 megawatts of power within four years. The United Nations Climate Change
Conference has built an ambitious climate change and renewable agenda to improve electricity generation capacity and satisfy the anticipated demand for electricity by 2041. The Bangladesh government is aiming to raise $7 billion in investments for the power sector. Hence, we have a huge opportunity to grab a large market share here in Bangladesh.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes? What advice would you give to budding leaders in the same industry?
The success mantra of my life has been to set a goal and work towards it with full dedication while defeating all challenges with sincerity & honesty. To be a good leader one must have certain qualities & ethics. They must have clear communication with the team and direct people towards success. As the renewable energy market continues to change, a leader must be up to date with the market requirements and proper knowledge of a client's demands and the way to fulfill them. I strongly believe that we must constantly strive to learn from our surroundings & people. And finally, a leader must be capable of taking responsibility for the decisions and finding the solutions.

Md Mohin Habib, CEO, Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy
With a B.Sc Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and an M.Sc. Engineering degree from Wichita State University, the US, Mohin holds 23 years of global professional experience across diversifying industries like Power, Telco, IT/ICT, and Renewable energy at various leadership levels. Apart from being the CEO of Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy, he is also serving as the Managing Director of Sunroof Energy.

•Hobbies:Watching tv news along with reading journals
•Favorite Cuisine:Bangladeshi & Indian
•Favorite Book:How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
•Favorite Travel Destination: Gothenburg
•Awards & Recognition:Received Government Industrial Award Banghabondhu Sheikh Mujib 2020 in the medium industry category. Also recognized for the company Solar Projects Award as well as CEO of the Year 2021 in the Events of Solar Quarter Bangladesh.

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