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Raj Prasad K. Going Above & Beyond To Find People Their Next Home

Raj Prasad K. Going Above & Beyond To Find People Their Next Home

Raj Prasad K,  Founder & CEO

Raj Prasad K

Founder & CEO

A successful leader isn't created overnight and is definitely not born. Anyone can start a career in the real estate industry, but success in this business comes from a combination of attitude, experience, instinct, and the lessons learned from both victories and failures. Raj Prasad K, Founder & CEO, Rebridz Realtors is one such thriving business leader who has spent 20+ years in the Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate sector, watching multiple evolutions of business dynamics and growing along with the transformations.

Throughout his professional journey, Raj has been engaged with multiple well-known organizations and has secured numerous awards & recognition from each of them. But the Real Estate industry, in particular, gave him exceptional opportunities to grow as a proficient leader and take his career to the next level. He has also been a Global Topper in the industry for a Multinational Company for three consecutive years. His establishment Rebridz Realtors is an initiative to be the bridge between customers and real estate developers. Through this organization, he also creates opportunities for budding leaders who aspire to grow in this industry. Let's hear it from Raj.

What is the kind of role Rebridz plays in the current real estate market?
Rebridz is a service based organization. Our primary focus is to provide services to our customers and not just sell properties. We take decisions on behalf of our customers by understanding their needs & requirements. We keep ourselves in their shoes and then we provide solutions that best fit their lifestyle, and convenience and help their families. We understand that
buying a house is not just about financial investing customers are emotionally attached to their decision.

Tell us about the values and guidelines that you follow as a leader.
Being a leader in this competitive industry is quite challenging. Hence, I believe for us it is crucial to be upgraded by time & approach and keep pace with the technology and the overall development in and around the country. I believe in leading by example and mentoring my team and peers to be upgraded with the changing trends of the market. We must do thorough research on market developments, errors and transformations before we speak to our clients. We should collectively be able to understand the requirements of the clients and our solutions should make sense to them.

Our role in this changing market behavior, as our name suggests, is to be the bridge between the developer and the client

How do you perceive the changing market behaviors and the constant demand for top-notch buildings under constrained budgets?
The pandemic has given rise to the trend of working from home as people are setting up their offices at home, the demand for 2.5 or 3.5 BHKs is rising. The covid has also given a rise to touch free technologies making people buy properties that have topnotch automation installed in their services, like, sensor based lifts and home automation systems. It has also made people move out of crowded cities and head toward the suburbs. Our role in this changing market behavior, as our name suggests, is to be the bridge between the developer and the client. We understand the changing requirements of our clients and present them to the developers thereby helping both the developers and the clients to make a profitable deal.

What are your long term and short term plans for the next five years from now?
Every realtor who is in the service industry aspires to become a builder at some point in their life. Similarly, even we look forward to coming up with our real estate project either in a plotting venture or into development. We want to take one step at a time to reach our goal of becoming a builder as we cannot directly get into developing multis toried apartments or commercial buildings we want to get into plotting projects first and then into the development of villas.

What is your advice to upcoming leaders in the real estate space?
The traditional concept and perception of the real estate industry are changing with time. When I was working with well established and organized corporate sectors, I considered the real estate industry to be extremely unorganized. But now that I am in the real estate industry, I foresee that this industry is transforming into an organized sector and a lot of opportunities are developing for the upcoming generation. To grasp these opportunities & excel in them they must have patience as success does not come overnight. If they can show perseverance and dedication in their work real estate is a dynamic space to grow both personally and professionally.

Raj Prasad K., Founder & CEO, Rebridz Realtors LLP
Raj received his MBA in Marketing Management from Sikkim Manipal University. He is a dynamic business leader with over two decades of extraordinary experience in different sectors working in various leadership positions. Through his venture Rebridz Realtors, he is helping people find the perfect home for themselves.

Hobbies: Enjoys playing Chess and have received several accolades for the same
Favourite Book: The Intelligent Investor, Hooked
Favourite Cuisine: Indian
Favourite Travel Destination: Dubai, Kerala

Awards & Recognition:
•Recognized by Shobha Reality Dubai for completing the first international transaction for the company.
•Won multiple awards in the finance sector during his engagement with brands like Tata, Birla and Bajaj

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