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  • Srikanth Doranadula, Senior Director & Head - Systems Business

    Srikanth Doranadula, Senior Director & Head - Systems Business

  • “Stone Age. Bronze Age. Iron Age. We define entire epics of humanity by the technology they use.”Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings aesthetically elucidates his sentiments on the importance of technology leadership. It’s no secret that despite the abundant talent available in the country, Indian IT services segment is flooded with foreign solutions and Indian born leaders who spearhead the 'Indiafication' of foreign IT solutions. Our country deserves better.

  • If Artificial Intelligence Was A Sport, Would IT Be Golf?

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10 Most Inspiring CTOs In India - 2019

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  • 10 Most Inspiring CTOs In India - 2019

    In the contemporary world where technology is ingrained in each and every facet of our lives, the demand for technology experts, especially Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) is always on a constant rise. These CTOs hold a symbiotic relationship with the unfolding technologies, which ignites them to concoct innovative tech strategies and processes for businesses. Unlike mere tech administrators, they stand at the forefront of a company's end-to-end operations and take its growth to incredible heights by offering the right technological push. Currently, India outshines as a vast hub of well-experienced CTOs whose success stories stand as a major source of inspiration for the budding technologists and professionals. Being a CTO is no easy feat today considering the ever-evolving changes across the technological ecosystem. Merely staying abreast of the trends and advancements won't suffice, but the ability to seamlessly innovate is what the role of CTO currently demands. It is indeed a perfect amalgamation of both technical and strategic skills. No wonder, challenges are also a constant for the CTOs. Some of these challenges include adapting to the constantly changing IT environment, choosing the right technology for the right problem, strictly addressing data security & privacy threats, harnessing the best might of cloud, and most importantly, retaining the best talent. Regardless of these growing challenges, the future seems quite bright for the CTOs in India, while at times they play significant roles greater than that of CEOs, thereby standing as the linchpins of businesses today. Researching on the world of technology and the outstanding CTOs in India, CEO Insights has compiled an informative listing: '10 Most Inspiring CTOs in India - 2019', which encompasses the success stories of some of the best CTOs and their inspiring achievements. An expert panel comprising of tech mavens, VCs, business heads, and others along with CEO Insights Editorial Team has come-up with the names of these front-runners. The listing further casts light on the emerging trends and advancements across the technology realm of India.

10 Most Inspiring CTOs In India - 2019

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Twimbit Aman Sharma,Co-Founder & CTO Twimbit A young go getter with a B.Tech from BIT Mesra, he is facilitating Twimbit’s journey towards helping enterprises and individuals leverage the true potential of research
Juniper Networks Bikash Koley,CTO Juniper Networks An industry-leading expert in SDN, intent driven networking, packet optical integration, warehouse scale computing, and large scale data center interconnection, Bikash is currently responsible for charting Juniper's technology strategy at Juniper Networks
Innoval Digital Solutions Jiju Thomas Mathew,CTO Innoval Digital Solutions A hardworking and experienced technocrat shouldering responsibilities such as leading IT decisions, cloud management & cloud research, mentoring & hand holding newbies and team building in cloud service at IVL
Wipro Global IT Business K. R. Sanjiv,CTO Wipro Global IT Business Holding over 25 years of enterprise IT experience, Sanjiv has been involved in defining enterprise architectures for organizations that includes technical models, transformation program definitions and governance models at Wipro
NextWealth Mahesh Kumar Tallam, CTO NextWealth A reputed visionary and an independent thought leader in the space of IT Infrastructure, striving to bring the best of technology enablement
Oracle India Mitesh Agarwal,CTO Oracle India Known as the 'brain' of BITS, Mitesh acting as a conduit between Oracle’s corporate product engineering, product management and field teams is spearheading technology at Oracle India
National Bulk Handling Corporation Nirvan Biswas, CTO National Bulk Handling Corporation A well-experienced maestro in Information Technology who is seamlessly driving digital transformation of businesses along with operational efficiency
LinguaSol Rajeevlochan Phadke,President & CTO LinguaSol A well-experienced maestro in Information Technology who is seamlessly driving digital transformation of businesses along with operational efficiency
Nubewell Networks Ramakrishnan Govindhan,Co-Founder & CTO Nubewell Networks A visionary technology leader who strives to change the face of Indian Industry through cutting edge products like Tri-O-Core
EverestEngineering Ranganathan Balashanmugam,Founder & CTO EverestEngineering With an inquisitive mind towards technologies, he is relentlessly upscaling EverestEngineering by harnessing the best of Problem-People-Process model

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