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    CEOInsights, Team

  • Spread across 147,181 square kilometers, Nepal has become an emerging startup hub. With fresh ideas, young, innovative brains and huge opportunities, Nepal is in fact the breeding ground for startups. These young entrepreneurs have given a new dimension to the IT sector apart from other industries. Through their creative solutions, they serve not just the private companies but are largely involved with the government to provide them solutions that will enable them better management and administration. We at CEO Insights are happy to feature some of the most eminent names from the Nepal startup ecosystem in our current edition of ‘Top 10 Emerging Startups in Nepal - 2020’. We spoke to a large number of startups in Nepal, shortlisted few and featured some of their encouraging stories in our issue. Talking to them was a fresh breath of air; knowing their struggle and how they are serving their clients through most innovative products/solutions by leveraging their global experience is indeed a lesson for every startup.

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Spread across 147,181 square kilometers, Nepal has become an emerging startup hub. With fresh ideas, young, innovative brains and huge opportunities, Nepal is in fact the breeding ground for startups. These young entrepreneurs have given ..

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Top 10 Emerging Startups in Nepal – 2020

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  • Top 10 Emerging Startups in Nepal – 2020

    Despite being the immediate neighbour to India – a country which in recent times has been home to one of the largest number of startups – Nepal as a breeding ground for startups is still in its nascent stage. Located at foothills of the Himalayas, the country poses a significant geographical hindrance for the development of infrastructure due to unfavourable & unpredictable climatic conditions and the mountainous terrain. Although many entrepreneurs in Nepal are looking at this challenge as a potential opportunity and coming-up with niche and cutting-edge business ideas – both in tech & non-tech verticals – the country still faces a potential deficit of Startup Incubators and VC Firms. According to Nepal’s National Planning Commission, the country needs Rs.20.25 trillion worth of investment to reach the UN Sustainability Development goals in a decade. However, this scenario is gradually changing. With the advent of startup incubators/accelerators such as Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, Enterprise Nepal Business Accelerator Program, and Everest School of Startups, and VC firms like Dolma Impact Fund, True North Association, and ACRE, Nepal’s startup ecosystem is slowly moulding itself into one of the most fertile markets to start a business in. Powered by such favourable developments, the amount of influx in Nepal’s startups by VCs is witnessing hockey-stick curve in recent times.
       In our current issue of CEO Insights, we bring to you ‘Top 10 Emerging Startups in Nepal - 2020’. The Editorial board of CEO Insights has scrutinized the list via frequent deliberations by a renowned panel of industry’s topmost CEOs, directors, VCs, and industry analysts, throughout the year. Evaluating the scenarios in versatile perceptions has brought CEO Insights to shortlist the startups which are creating a name for themselves through innovative business ideas, cutting-edge offerings, and unconditional customer support. This scrutinized list will not only bring such companies into limelight, but also serve as a guide for individuals & businesses to partner with the finest.

Top 10 Emerging Startups in Nepal – 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Asia Corporation Sunil KC , Executive Chairman Asia Corporation Dedicated towards the growth of the nation, the company is covering a diverse section and offering best-in-class services in the market.
Hamro Technology Bishnu Maharjan, Founder & CEO, Sanjay Mahaseth, Founder & CBO Hamro Technology A fintech firm that is on the mission to put Nepal on the digital payments platform through its innovative solutions and extraordinary client servicing.
Himalayan Wonders Nishes Thapa , Operations Director Himalayan Wonders A travel startup offering climbing & trekking packages that are customzied as per the travellers at affordable rates.
JATA Digital Ashish Tamang ,Chairman JATA Digital A provider of end-to-end Digital Marketing, Strategic Food Promotion, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO solutions.
Mapleyak Pujan Karmacharya ,Managing Director Mapleyak A diversified consulting firm specializing in the areas of Accounting & Taxation, Legal Consulting, Investment & Finance Consulting, and IT Services Consulting, to name a few.
Mero Network Rajendra KC ,Co-Founder Mero Network An IT consulting and digital marketing expert offering customized and pinpointed solution to every client need.
My Careers HR Solutions John Khadka ,CEO My Careers HR Solutions An international HP consulting firm following indystry-best & ethical practices to offer efficient recruitment solutions across the globe.
Palm Mind Sanjay Saha ,Founder & CEO Palm Mind An innovative starting who made the first move in the cloud arena of the country through its innovative solutions.
Sarvanam Software Pramod Parajuli ,Chief Executive Sarvanam Software Nepal’s most reliable technology partner for hotels & hospitality businesses, which powers their efficiency through software development, drives growth through website design, and builds credibility through digital marketing services.
Vidinterest Karan Moktan ,Brand Manager Vidinterest A video discovery & curation platform that enables users to collect and organize videos of their choice from platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.