• Hitesh Mehta, Managing Director

    Hitesh Mehta, Managing Director

  • Today, every business is understanding the benefits and value of outsourcing some of its services and applications. While speaking about the healthcare sector, many hospitals are also delving into it and are seeking outside help in myriad ways. Initially, outsourcing began in areas such as food service, housekeeping, laundry, and other non-clinical patient services. But however now, it is being applied to many other areas that includes emergency room management, maintenance of clinical and diagnostic equipment, physical therapy, diabetes treatment, cardiovascular perfusion, and sterile processing. Understanding the criticality and the necessity of bringing the CSSD outsourcing services in India, one company who has been the pioneer in establishing CSSD outsourcing (Sterilization Department) for hospitals and other healthcare units is SPD India based out of New Delhi. With a sole initiative to provide a comprehensive infection control program and outsourced CSSD Solutions to hospitals and clinics across India, SPD India was established under companies act 2013.

  • SPD India: Building A Healthy And Robust India

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Top 10 Infection Control System Providers - 2020

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  • Top 10 Infection Control System Providers - 2020

    The basic principles of infection control system include maintaining proper hand hygiene, gathering equivalent pieces of personal protective equipment for controlling infection, keeping a clean environment, and following norms for proper respiratory hygiene with cough etiquette when having cough and cold, and also adhering to the transmission-based precautions like safe social distancing. And not catching any disease-prone airborne infection is an ever-important factor as micro-organisms are highly destructive infection causing agents and are termed as `infective agent'. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, helminths, and prions are the major infective agents with the ability to erupt and cause serious infections. HAIs (Healthcare-associated infections) are what a matter of concern in the present-day treatment culture. It occurs to a patient after spending 48 hours in a healthcare facility. Specialists identify HAIs with the help of both clinical and laboratory criteria. When a patient acquires an infection which has not been detected by the hospital, but acquired there and is unidentified till discharge time is also considered HAI. Detecting HAI in a newborn is an utmost important thing to keep the spread of infection in control and the newborn healthy. A batch of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites colonize sometimes or cause infection in the newborn, on being susceptible to the host. This invasion by HAIs is prevented by breaking the epidemiological triad, where the most effective way to prevent HAI is the introduction of a barrier between the susceptible host and the infecting organism. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we got the opportunity to converse with some of the industry-renowned CEOs of the Infection Control Systems. The companies listed as `Top 10 Infection Control System Providers - 2020' present the latest advanced technologies and methods for controlling infection and the spread of diseases. The list is prepared after thorough research of the medical industry and is presented by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights editorial board. Hope this listing fulfills the purpose of acquiring adequate information.

Top 10 Infection Control System Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Chemtex Speciality R.Gopal,CEO Chemtex Speciality Specialized in providing products like boiler treatment chemicals, cooling tower chemicals, chiller water treatment chemicals, reverse osmosis, and a lot of others.
Faith Group Dr. Bipin Agrawal,COO Faith Group Eradicating Infection at the Front line with best-in-standard products and services.
Hicare Services Arumugham Mahendran,Founder Hicare Services A top-notch provider for home and office/commercial pest control, anti termite treatment, and bird netting and professional home cleaning.
Khairnar Cleaning Services Vijay Khairnar,Owner Khairnar Cleaning Services An ardent cleaning solution provider of homes, baby rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, sofa sets, windows, offices, kindergartens, restaurants, facade cleaning, post constructions, water tanks, with mattress and carpets shampooing, sanitization and disinfection services.
Microgen Hygiene Dilip Parekh,CMD Microgen Hygiene The centre is offering products/services in disinfectant and antiseptic, patient care, disposable apparels, and ultra-violet disinfection.
Schülke India Deep Sharma,MD Schülke India Renowned for offering infection prevention, industrial hygiene, and personal care with services and products that are highly efficient.
ServiceMaster clean India Edward Dsouza,President ServiceMaster clean India It is leveraging services in integrated facility management, healthcare facility management operations, airborne and surface disinfection, education facility management and more.
SPD India Hitesh Mehta,Managing Director SPD India Providing one stop solution for Infection Control Program & Sterilization of medical supplies that are used in the hospital.
Sterile World Technologies LLP Atul Kumar Srivastava & Kishor Kale,Partners Sterile World Technologies LLP FDA & ISO 13485 certified company involved in the single use sterilisation barrier systems, medical device and disposable products manufacturing.
Tahaan Pest Solutions LLP Zahid Akbar Shaikh,Founder Tahaan Pest Solutions LLP It is catering solutions like rat control, cockroach control, termite control, honey bee control, mosquito control, bed bugs control, commercial pest control, and pigeon control.