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  • Captain Rakesh Walia

    Captain Rakesh Walia

  • Captain Rakesh Walia is a decorated Army Officer, a positive influencer, a motivator and a people’s man, who has served the nation in some of the most hostile operations within and across the Indian border. He performed outstandingly well while in national service to be appointed as GSO3 (Intelligence) Headquarter 350 Infantry Brigade, one of the most converted designations to be awarded to a Captain. After facing constant hardships in life and winning over life in its own game, Captain Walia, who is also a Cancer Warrior, is now out on a mission to mentor, guide, motivate and inspire others to achieve not only what they wish to, but also to bring-out the best in them so that they live a life of excellence to the fullest and be gainfully integrated in the exercise of nation building. Captain Walia aims to have an impressionable and positive impact on the people around him, and this passion has helped him to become a business and success coach that aims for the holistic development of his clients.

  • Captain Rakesh Walia: Creating a Deep Bond with His Clients & Stakeholders And Steering Them in Difficult Times

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  • Top 10 Leaders in Life Coaching - 2021

    Life coaches help to identify the strength within oneself and leverage this strength to address the problems, fears or weakness that is holding them back, thus helping to live a fuller, meaningful life. A life coach needs to be excellent leader of highest calibre with good communication skill, an order in life and control over his own emotions. He should set a role model to his clients.

    Making a positive change in one’s life is not easy. Most of the people lack the essence of the life, as they are living their day-to-day lives without any clear sense of purpose, calling or passion. This will eventually result in a frustrated and unhappy life or feeling much pressurised. Life coaches guide them through the right path, helping them to identify and live with their passion.

    Life coaches must be cheerful, encouraging, and optimistic. Moreover they should be very stable with emotions and be able to deal with or overcome their own worries. They should have a strong passion for their work, have a mentality to listen & help others and should be empathetic. A life coach should be able to work passionately and energetically and should be highly attentive towards the clients, setting aside their own tensions, no matter what they are going through in their life. An excellent ability for person-to-person communication is also necessary to be a life coach. Life coaches should be able to develop trust and professional closeness with their clients. Moreover, they should be able to shift a client’s perspectives or help their clients reach new understandings.

    In this issue, the CEO Insights magazine introduces a list of 'Top 10 Leaders in Life Coaching - 2021', a list of individuals who have helped in the transformation and growth of business sector of the country. The list has been crafted by a team of industry veterans, CEOs, VCs and the CEO Insights editorial team, thus delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of powerful businessmen and citizens.

Top 10 Leaders in Life Coaching - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
5th Element Anil Dagia,Founder 5th Element A pioneer that aims to be a change bringer in the Indian Neuro-Linguistic Programming training space
Ashwani Deswal International Ashwani Deswal,Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Wellness Coach & Mindfulness Expert Ashwani Deswal International Specialized in the areas of Life Coaching, Corporate Training, Wellness, Mindfulness & Leadership Development Training Neuro-Linguistic Programming and many others
Captain Rakesh Walia Captain Rakesh Walia,Founder Captain Rakesh Walia A decorated Army Officer, a positive influencer, a motivator and a people’s man, who has served the nation in some of the most hostile operations within and across the Indian border
Superbhumans Dr. Sachin Sharma,Trainer Superbhumans A certified experiential coach with a doctorate in Experiential Training, Accelerated Learning, and Facilitation of Game-based training
Saloni Singh Dr. Saloni Singh,Life Coach Saloni Singh A Gynaecologist by previous profession, Dr. Saloni helps people connect with inner peace & higher self through coaching for self-mastery & growth
Kartik Ji Kartik Shah, Life Coach Kartik Ji An experienced professional offering Life Coaching, Personal Coaching and Group Coaching for personal crisis, relationship issues, career development, organizational challenges, and more
Milind Jadhav Life Coaching Milind Jadhav,Life Coach Milind Jadhav Life Coaching An alumnus of IIM Bangalore with an annual practice of 1200+ hours of coaching solutions for performance, career growth, relationships, finances, health and more
Coach Samira Gupta Samira Gupta, Life Coach Coach Samira Gupta Specialized in Executive Presence Coaching & Leadership Communication with proven success in leadership development coaching & consulting programs
Satish Rao Satish Rao,Life Coach Satish Rao A people person with impeccable success in Personal Transformation, Peak performance, Leadership Coaching, Strategic Interventions, Change Management, and other nice areas
Kalyans Unik Life Venu Kalyan,Life Coach Kalyans Unik Life Renowned for motivational training, corporate training, Yogacharya, Neuro-Linguistic Programming training and entrepreneurship with a mission of changing thousands of lives

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