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  • Kalpana Srilalitha, Co-Founder & Director Sales

    Kalpana Srilalitha, Co-Founder & Director Sales

  • What is it about industries that has changed? Evidently everything! Along the past 30 years, the way businesses run has changed dramatically, driven by digital innovation. Today companies work in unprecedented ways by combining digital prowess, human ingenuity, and strategic intent, however, the secret of company's success lies in great leadership. A great leader plays a central role and being the developer & innovator of operations & functions leads the with greater vision. Convincingly, Kalpana Srilalitha (Co-Founder & Director, Datakue Services) perfectly fits in that kind of leadership bracket. Her professional adroitness invariably accords the industry & businesses with a far-fetched vision that could lead to substantial growth, yielding whopping revenue. Kalpana is an ISB Hyderabad management educated and also carries two other qualifications that are technical and a master's degree in Computer Science and Advertising & PR Professionally, she started off as a visual design dominance expert in software for the manufacturing sector.

  • Kalpana Srilalitha: A Doyen Diligently Hurling The Software & Allied Services Industry

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Top 10 Leaders In Bengaluru Corporate Startups - 2021

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  • Top 10 Leaders In Bengaluru Corporate Startups - 2021

    Bengaluru has been the place for most of the engineers after graduation in the past for a long time. While different places in India are growing in corporate startups, Bengaluru still holds a strong place as the information technology hub of India. Known as `Silicon Valley of India', the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi's `Make in India' movement is inspiring the growth of startups where Bengaluru has been the go-to place for corporate startups. The work culture of Bengaluru has provided favorable environment with latest infrastructure facilities available. A major number of businesses which evolved in different parts of the country are having their operation base in Bengaluru.

    Funding is quintessential for any startup emerge and it is critical for entrepreneurs to acquire good funding. While in Bengaluru, there are comparatively easy gate ways to a huge number of venture capitalists and angel investors. With a corporate's great idea, right mindset, and vision, an investor waterflows huge investments.

    Alongside, Bengaluru conducts Startup Weekend for highlighting local area startups. According to experts, Bengaluru has the best entrepreneurial ecosystem and financial environment for shutter up a corporate startup. And in addition, the metropolitan place offers a wide networking opportunity which further augments the corporate startup's growth. As per stats, Bengaluru has 1800 to 2300 startups which are active and houses young, hardworking professionals.

    For directing the professionals and in turn the corporate startup towards stupendous growth, the leaders in the corporate startups' workspace are always active. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of `Top 10 Leaders In Bengaluru Corporate Startups ­ 2021' is provided to the readers by a team of market researchers, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial team to inform more about the leaders, and their inspiring stories.

Top 10 Leaders In Bengaluru Corporate Startups - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
xGrow Adittya Joshi,Managing Partner xGrow All rounder in solving challenging tasks and completing tough projects, Aditya is highly skilled in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing, interpersonal and communication
ADCanopus Anil Jadhav,Founder & CEO ADCanopus Turning businesses into earning huge revenue-driven results with solutions in online performance media business, and is a renowned investor
Datakue Services Kalpana Srilalitha,Co-Founder & Director Sales Datakue Services With around 24 years of experience in software development for the manufacturing industry, Kalpana outclasses as a maven and quintessence of diligence, dedication and passion
Four Corners Madhusudhan Rao,Managing Director Four Corners Skilled in business development, solution architecture, information technology service management, cloud computing, Madhusudhan is an intelligent hardworker having experience of innovations in sales, management and unified communications
Mars Architects Mahendra Mohan,Managing Director Mars Architects Mahendra is a national award holding architect who is able to demonstrate his calibre to create extraordinary and unique designs
Uniservice Technology Solutions Private Limited Murugaraj Swaminathan,Co-Founder & CEO Uniservice Technology Solutions Private Limited Experienced as program manager for aircraft engines, Murugaraj has over 30 honors and awards to his name and three engineering excellence awards
LucidSpace Rohit Bharadwaj,Founder LucidSpace Rohit Bhardwaj is an accomplished online media planning specialist in Brand Management and Creative Content and specializes in launch and creative content campaigns, and has established Lucid Space
Buzet Web Digital OPC Pvt Ltd Shibaram Mishra,Founder Buzet Web Digital OPC Pvt Ltd Listed in Top 10 Inbound Marketers in India by Silicon India Magazine for 19+ years' experience in providing information technology products, customer brand awareness, and digital marketing solutions
Sheevoot Int Pvt Ltd Trezlar Tenny Solomon,Director Sheevoot Int Pvt Ltd Renowned for his exclusive marketing strategies for business development and helping established business to reach impeccable heights
The Bold Creative Vanshaj Kapur,Founder & Creative Director The Bold Creative With over 10+ years of experience creating brand communications for companies, Vanshaj consults and works directly with founders to think through creative strategies and execution

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