• Shree Bagwan Vasant, MD & CEO

    Shree Bagwan Vasant, MD & CEO

  • As India is witnessing a gradual decline in the daily coronavirus infections, the RBI anticipates an encouraging uptick in our economic recovery in the December quarter. Heavily hit by the pandemic-induced lockdowns, the industrial growth kept diminishing for six months till August, pushing the retail inflation to 7.61 percent in October and leaving nearly 19 million people jobless. While the country was struggling with unemployment and exorbitant prices of essential products, especially the sanitization merchandise and protective equipment we desperately needed to fight against the pandemic, Shree Bhagwan Vasant (CEO & MD, Easy Secure India) rose to the occasion and launched a range of COVID relief products at a very nominal rate. Making his contribution towards lifting the rate of economic expansion, he further generated employment opportunities through his easy, secure and low-risk dealership model, which encourages people to commence their own business and bestows small business owners with great profit margins.

  • Easy Secure India: Ushering India Towards A Brighter Future

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Top 10 Chief Investment Officer in India - 2020

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  • Top 10 Chief Investment Officer in India - 2020

    A chief investment officer's responsibility is way beyond just maintaining an organization's investment portfolios, with the most important task of building short and long-term investment policies. In other areas within an organization, a chief investment officer perform duties including deciding upon the organization's operating funds. With a variety of business organizations requiring investment portfolio management, a chief investment officer's role is now heavily important than before. For instance, a university or a non-profit organization has endowment management issues, which are solved by the chief investment officer, while in banks and insurance companies, chief investment officers analyze and decide for assets, stocks, and bonds, and point out the risk factors. The methodology includes tailoring and shifting changes to a company's investment portfolio for maintaining a readable balance between risks and return on investments. While in some organizations, a chief investment officer is also responsible for developing the workforce and taking decisions about outside resources to aligning the organization's investment services and consulting onboard. When managed proficiently by a highly professional experienced chief investment officer, for an organization, the threats to the liquidity decreases, and the capability of supporting the various business organizations increase. It is also expected that a chief investment officer is responsible for directing solutions for the toughest challenges about fiscal security, and then develop investment strategies. Their decisions are result-driven, and goal-based for an organization. With their absolute communication skills, return generation strategies, knowledge of asset classes, investment products, and leadership qualities, chief investment officers are changing business dynamics vehemently. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we present a list of `Top 10 Chief Investment Officer in India - 2020', delineating some of the successful personalities' stories, services, and plans for the betterment of this division. The listing is prepared by a panel of eminent industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board. It will contribute to the readers' group actively.

Top 10 Chief Investment Officer in India - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Aditya Birla Health Insurance Dheeraj Agarwal,CIO Aditya Birla Health Insurance A hardworking and experienced Fintech (banking & insurance) professional who is seamlessly piloting ABHI’s journey towards helping enterprises & individuals leverage the true potential of health insurance plans through digitized processes.
Amesten Asset Koushik Mall,ex-CIO Amesten Asset A CIO who believes that there is an opportunity in every turmoil, and hence spearheads to identifying such opportunities, and thereby deliver strong, risk-adjusted returns to the investors through an active & consistent investment approach.
TIW Private Equity Mohit Ralhan,Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer TIW Private Equity India Focused Private Equity Investor with interest in “Margin Expansion” as driver of superior return.
Edelweiss Asset Management Nalin Moniz,Chief Investment Officer - Alternative Equity Edelweiss Asset Management A renowned hedge fund pioneer and licensed charter financial analyst, who is providing services in equity management, portfolio management, derivatives, investments and a lot more.
AEGON Life Saibal Ghosh,Chief Investment Officer AEGON Life With his 22 plus years' experience, in fund management in equity and fixed income markets in India, he serving to asset management companies, insurance companies, banks , rating agencies, audit firms, business media , sell side brokers and investment bankers.
SageOne Investment Advisors Samit Vartak,Founding Partner & CIO SageOne Investment Advisors An experienced CIO with 20+ years of experience in investment domain, he handles Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Strategy, Business Valuation.
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Sampath Reddy,Chief Investment Officer Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance For over two decades servicing the different sectors like banking and insurance with his exquisite skills in capital markets, investments, equities, and investment banking.
iQuantsGraph Shailesh Bhawarlal Khandelwal,MD & CIO iQuantsGraph A finance maverick transforming the way businesses are positioned and carving unique business investment models, while being engaged in risk management and fabricating the next line of investment leaders.
IndiaNivesh Fund Managers Sridhar Ramachandran,CIO IndiaNivesh Fund Managers Possesses over 30 years of diverse experience in identifying the new opportunities, understanding key driving factors of different MSMEs, and acting upon them as a part of investment thesis.
Your Wealth Planner T. Venkata Ramana,Founder & CIO Your Wealth Planner As the investment chief with more than 20 years of experience in finance & investment domain, T. Venkata strives to escalate the company’s growth graph through passion & strong leadership strategies.