• Santanu Ganguly, Chief Executive Officer, Vinod Singh, Managing Director Arjun,  Vishwanathan, Chief Research Officer

    Santanu Ganguly, Chief Executive Officer, Vinod Singh, Managing Director Arjun, Vishwanathan, Chief Research Officer

  • As India and the global world of business grows exponentially in the digital realm, market research and intelligence have become the secret weapon that enables business enterprises to identify new opportunities and get a snapshot of the bigger picture. Market research serves as the backbone for any business strategy that aids companies in their process of learning and understanding the changing business dynamics with a focus on the shifting needs of today’s consumers. StrategINK is a premier market research and intelligence firm operating across 7 Indian cities and the SAARC countries of South East Asia. The company offers a plethora of solutions across the technology domain that include Research-based Business Insights, Content-driven Marketing Solutions, Digital Transformation Consulting & Advisory, and Learning, Enablement & Skill augmentation Services. Backed by a team of professionals hailing from leading media houses, Research Organizations, and IT vendors like Cybermedia, HP, IBM, IDC, Times Internet for India and Asia/ Pacific region, the leadership team at StrategINK has a cumulative experience of more than 100 plus years.

  • StrategINK Solutions: A Team Of Pragmatic Industry Professionals

The Gurus Transforming The Marketing Landscape

By: Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor

If you want to be great in a field, learn from the best. This isn’t a secret and hence most of us turn to advices, lessons and learnings from the ‘Gurus’ of the industry.

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Top 10 Marketing Gurus - 2020

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  • Top 10 Marketing Gurus - 2020

    Being one of the largest consumer markets globally, where the population of the middleclass consumers is expected to touch 200 million this year and 475 million in 2030, which is a complex and wide consumer market, it is important to tailor the marketing strategies and even the products for native preferences. Additionally, with the intense competition, arising out of the small and large native retailers and globally renowned companies, marketers must consider cultural diversity, where people are coming from different backgrounds. Indian marketers have found the best ways to tackle a complex situation by hiring local knowledge. The amalgamation of the Indian and international companies are specialized in marketing in India. They prepare a comprehensive marketing plan, which includes the core elements like brand stakeholder management, public relations, media (offline and online) for branding products and services. Termed as marketing ‘Marketing Gurus’, these professionals are shifting marketing strategies to the next level, taking it beyond language, culture, and symbolism for successful marketing campaigns in India. The Marketing Gurus proactively follow the guidelines set by the Indian officials, develop and expand businesses. The initiative by the Indian Government – digital India, has caused huge traffic in the digital sites. This in turn has granted the online Marketing Gurus to showcase their expertise in successful campaigning of digital marketing. It is expected that internet penetration will increase as the consumers’ trend show online buying importance. Hence both offline and online Marketing Gurus are important in this era of digitalization - To reach the unreached. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we bring a list of ‘Top 10 Marketing Gurus - 2020’’, who have created positive havoc in the marketing sphere. Their contributions are immense and they are encouraging others. The listing is prepared by a team of experienced CEOs, industry veterans, VCs, and the CEO Insights Editorial board after extreme scrutiny. Hope it serves the purpose.

Top 10 Marketing Gurus - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Sociopool INDIA Aashish Bhardwaj,Founder and CEO Sociopool INDIA For 7+ years' experience in the financing, corporate planning and marketing management, he is leading the real-time implementation of ideas.
BTB Venture Harshal Patil,Founder & CEO BTB Venture Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the RevOps (Revenue operations), Customer Acquisition & Marketing Industry
TAB Helen Carolina H,Founder & CEO TAB We want the finest services and proper marketing platforms which are only accessible to the major firms and MNCs to be made available for budding companies in an affordable price range.
The RoarUs Marketing Parithi Kasimani,Co-Founder The RoarUs Marketing With an inspiring story, from being in the farming family with ups and downs in life, with sheer determination and capability, today, he is a well-known social management professional with unique and creative skills in SEO, website designing, and every on-demand marketing.
F'n'F Media Rahul Kumar Pandey, Founder & Managing Director,Kanhaiya Singh, Co-Founder F'n'F Media F'n'F Media is a creative, results-driven 360-degree VR digital influencer marketing agency for businesses.
Strawberry Branding Solutions Rakesh Gandla,Founder & CMD Strawberry Branding Solutions An expert business consultant, management consultant, brand consultant, marketing consultant, advertising, ux research, interaction design, market research, marketing strategy, digital marketing.
Commvault Sanjay Mirchandani,President & CEO Commvault An ever committed CEO, who believes in workforce inclusion, workforce diversity, and personal accountability.
The Digital Fellow Subhobroto Chakroborty,Founder The Digital Fellow Subhobroto Chakroborty is a marketing professional with a track record of more than 27 years helping startups and large organizations with his strategic consulting methods.
DGTG Vikas Goel,Founder DGTG Helping brands in media buying, and specialized in online marketing, email marketing, and business development.
StrategINK Solutions Santanu Ganguly, CEO, Vinod Singh , Managing Director,Arjun Vishwanathan, CRO StrategINK Solutions A leading provider of market intelligence, technology advisory and integrated marketing solutions in the B2B domain, offering a wide array of solutions across the marketing technology segment.

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