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  • Pankaj Bansal,   Director

    Pankaj Bansal, Director

  • Luxury housing has evolved a great deal from its traditional paradigm into a more dynamic and complex segment in the real estate sector of India. Today, luxury living is all about bringing-out the best of technological advancements, aesthetic appeal, intricate details and unparalleled utility, while balancing comfort and style too. Standing tall across this luxury living segment of India is M3M India, one of the most exemplary and prolific real estate developers. With a brand name that echoes ‘Magnificence in the Trinity of Men, Materials & Money’, M3M India has successfully accomplished some of the most iconic and theme-based projects across India, thus setting new benchmarks in luxury living. Achieving this kind of unrivalled excellence is a testimony to the company’s resolve and vision to develop best-in-class projects with ‘quality, timely delivery & excellence’ as its sole motto. As the beloved Director of M3M India, Pankaj Bansal designs and executes its growth & diversification plans with a customer centric and forward thinking approach. Pankaj has shared a spectrum of insights about M3M India and its excellence with CEO Insights.

  • M3M India: A NextGen Leader with Unparalleled Speed & Perfection

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  • Top 10 Luxurious Projects - 2020

    The Indian real estate industry is at the cusp of transformation. Today, India has become one of the fastest-growing real-estate markets around the globe, in which luxury projects are emerging as one of the most vibrant and dynamic segments of the Indian real estate industry. The major structural reforms which have taken place in India over the past year have brought a paradigm shift in the real estate industry, especially in the luxury residential segment. Today’s home buyers’ tastes and preferences have evolved. They are well travelled and exposed to world class luxury projects. Also, the rapid growth of high networth individuals (HNIs), high investment capacity of individuals, increased aspirations and changing lifestyle are the factors behind the rise of luxury living in India. These factors indicate that whatever surge in the market we are witnessing for luxury projects is primarily driven by the end users. Also, due to the rise in commercial projects, there is an increased demand in residential projects as the corporate world is spreading across the nation. These opportunities have led to a number of real estate developers to come-up with many luxury projects in several parts of the country. Micro-markets like Pune, Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, and Bangalore are also creating demand for residential projects in Tier-II and Tier-III cities to reside close by and spend quality luxurious lifestyle. Investment in India has slowly changed and has gradually become an element of lifestyle. This has attracted potential buyers from overseas. The upsurge that the Indian real estate market is witnessing has compelled people from around the globe to invest in their very homeland. Today, a lot of options are available in the market, when it comes to the purchasing or developing luxury projects, but relying on the authenticity of the same comes as a big question in front of the buyers & owners. Understanding the complexities involved in choosing the best-suitable luxury real estate developer, CEO Insights brings to you the ‘Top 10 Luxurious Projects - 2020’, a directory listing the organizations which are offering exemplary services in the industry. An expert panel of industry experts, CEOs, VCs and others along with CEO Insights Editorial Board has performed a diligent evaluation of the industry before listing the front-runners. The companies listed here have been distinguishing themselves through successful ideation and implementation of practical ideas that complement the market requirements as well as cater to the end customers. This listing will assist our readers in selecting well-suited real estate developers that will not only help understand the nuance,s but also help simplify the approach to such organizations.

Top 10 Luxurious Projects - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
BSCPL Infrastructure Manjunath T V, CEO BSCPL Infrastructure A master class in developing luxurious projects that fit not only the world class quality, but also design and need parameters
CR Realty Cherag Ramakrishnan, Founder & CEO CR Realty Real-estate developer with extensive experience & expertise in not only luxury development, but also in developing and managing projects across asset classes
Ceebros Designworks Sruthi C Reddy, Founder Ceebros Designworks A brand of distinction that developed about 300+ projects in more than three decades, leading the luxury residential market of Chennai
Forum Group SM Shroff,Founder & Chairman Forum Group A premier real estate conglomerate in reinventing luxurious spaces with architectural excellence
M3M India Pankaj Bansal, Director M3M India A brand to reckon with in the real estate industry, the company is enriched with unparalleled speed, perfection, concepts, multi-dimensional realty solutions and service standards
Malabar Developers M P Ahammed, Chairman Malabar Developers A pioneer flagship housing developer, positioned among the top echelons of business world in creating innovative living arenas for future perfect homes
Mantri Developers Sushil Mantri, Founder, Chairman & MD Mantri Developers One of the fastest growing property development companies of India, stepping forward in constructing uber luxury homes at premium locations in Bangalore
NCC Urban Alluri NR, MD NCC Urban An example of excellence in executing prestigious real estate projects
Ozone Group Srinivasan Gopalan, CEO Ozone Group One of India's leading developer with proven track record
Rustomjee Group Boman Rustom Irani, Chairman & MD Rustomjee Group A sole harbinger of eco-friendly construction & outstanding designs in real estate space, operating across Mumbai & Thane

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