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  • Jophy Varghese,       APAC Head-SiS & Strategic Alliances, Verizon

    Jophy Varghese, APAC Head-SiS & Strategic Alliances, Verizon

  • India is savoring this tech-ade like never before. With the government projecting a clear vision focused keenly on self-reliance and the digital economy, India is at a watershed moment. According to reports, the number of smartphone users in the country is estimated to reach over one billion in 2023. On the other hand, according to Nielsen's India Internet Report 2023, India had over 700 million active Internet users as of December 2022. It’s no wonder that digital payments in India have leaped 160X over the past two decades. The arrival of 5G is expected to add oil to this engine and tune it further to make India one of the largest digital ecosystems in the world. According to a recent report, India has the potential to create over $1 trillion of economic value from the digital economy by 2025, up from around $200 billion currently. This can be interpreted as an enormous opportunity for the technology industry in the country. Walking us through those opportunities and inevitable challenges that will be tagged along is Jophy Varghese, APAC Head - SIs & Strategic Alliances, Verizon.

  • A New Business Realm In The Aftermath Of Digital Transformation & 5G: Challenges & Opportunities
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Top 10 CEOs In Legal Services – 2023

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Diversity at workplace means employment of talent who vary in age, gender, race, culture, religion, ethnicity, region, sexual orientation, learning exposure, and education level.


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  • Top 10 CEOs In Legal Services – 2023

    Legal Services CEOs Advocating For You, Every Step Of The Way
    Legal services are provided by lawyers and law firms and include preparation of legal documents, client representation, and consultation. Some industrial applications of legal services include intellectual property law (Expert Witness Testimony image, patenting, licensing, and trade marking), business law (incorporation and contract development), and criminal law.

    Importance of Legal Services: Legal services are an important consideration for any business owner, but especially for small business owners, who often face a number of legal hurdles. Protecting the owner's personal assets from lawsuits against the business, ensuring protection for the business against lawsuits charging discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment, and handling employee contracts, copyright claims, and incorporation are just a few of the legal issues that commonly face small business owners. The high costs of retaining a lawyer often make it seem as if competent legal services are out of reach of most small business owners. In addition, experts emphasize the dangers of entering into legal agreements without first obtaining advice from a qualified attorney.

    “Protect your rights with experienced counsel”

    Significance of Legal Services CEOs: A Legal Service CEO is the highest-ranking executive of a law firm. Their job is to lead the law firm to profitability and sustainable growth. Accomplishing these goals requires a Legal service CEO to have or adopt the mindset of a leader who cares not only about the law firm's profitability but also knows or can learn the steps necessary to achieve these goals. In contrast with a non legal service CEO, a legal service CEO is not only an executive but also a lawyer. As such, the CEO of a law firm can make effective decisions in both the financial and legal arenas. Legal services CEO will make sure that all legal documents are correct and properly managed. Letting professionals handle your legal work will keep confident, assured and far from any trouble.

    CEO Insights in this issue presents a list of ‘Top 10 CEOs in Legal Services - 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 CEOs In Legal Services – 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Rights & Marks Balajanaki Srinivasan, Founder & CEO Rights & Marks A dynamic leader with experience in all the branches of law, specializing in intellectual property law, dealing with full service in intellectual property rights inclusive of registrations, and others
Clidel Fazulullah Shafi, CEO Clidel An experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry, skilled in negotiation, sales, professional services, and legal writing and others
Vakilsearch Hrishikesh Datar, Founder & CEO Vakilsearch A visionary leader working with our incredible team as we dare to do the impossible, passionate about making India's legal and compliance structure the simplest to navigate in the world
Trexo Global Mandeep Baweja, CEO Trexo Global A seasoned professional with over 25 years of work experience, known for his expertise in a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences, leveraging market insights to develop and deliver innovative solutions, and others
Vantage Legal Qaiyum Shaikh, CEO Vantage Legal A professional leader with 15 years of experience, specialized in legal research & corporate law, criminal law and more
QuisLex Ram Vasudevan, CEO QuisLex A passionate leader with 28 years of experience, skilled in project management & business strategy, corporate Law and more
GB Legal Associates Saleel Bhanushali, Founder & CEO GB Legal Associates An emerging leader helping individual and corporates in securing their intellectual property rights, skilled in networking & law, business development and others
Lawyers Troop Shazayb Tanveer, Founder & CEO Lawyers Troop An advocate committed to upholding the principles of justice and fairness, passionate about leveraging technology to increase access to legal services and support
Lead India Law Subhash Singh, Founder & CEO Lead India Law A strong entrepreneurship professional with a forward thinking legal firm dedicated to transforming the way legal services, skilled in international law, legal assistance, and more
Intygrat LAW Offices LLP Venket Rao, Founder & CE Intygrat LAW Offices LLP An incredible leader with extensive expertise in legal, management, regulatory compliances & corporate secretarial domains and others

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