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  • Dr. Rajiv Maini, Co-Founder & Executive Director

    Dr. Rajiv Maini, Co-Founder & Executive Director

  • Let's wind back one and a half decades. Four years into his career in Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, a leading global generic Pharma company of its times, Dr. Rajiv Maini (Executive Director, Elite Safety Sciences) met with a path-breaking yet challenging opportunity to be part of a newly established function in the company's department of Medical Affairs & Clinical Research: Pharmacovigilance (PV, which is also known as Drug Safety). In the early part of his career, he worked in the clinical research and medical writing domain, and the new role was an entirely new territory for him. Pharmacovigilance, though evolved in the western part of the world, was a relatively new science in India at that time. But his curious mind and never say `No to New' attitude joined hands and walked him completely into this unheralded, challenging domain, which was global in nature, driven by very stringent regulatory timelines and always under scrutiny by drug regulatory authorities.

  • Dr. Rajiv Maini: A Go-Getter Leading The Pharma Industry To The Novel Destinations Of Safety

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  • Top 10 Leaders in Pharma & Life Sciences - 2020

    The changing dynamics of the healthcare industry at the lightning speed is driving pharma and life sciences professionals crazy. Many scum to the pressure and do the usual business while only few dare to challenge the status quo and create history. Such winners are leading the pharma and life sciences industry and empowering patients with better medicines at affordable prices. Though the current pandemic has dug several potholes on their way, the leaders are geared up to take this bull by its horn and offer most effective medicines at an affordable price. Despite the challenges, the shortage of Chinese APIs is an advantage that India's pharma and life sciences experts can leverage to become a dominant player in the world market. The opportunities galore but all depends on the pharma & life sciences leader exploit the opportunity to turn India a global pharma hub. What we need is an inspiration, a source of light that can drive the industry through these tough times and turn winner. CEO Insights Magazine along with a panel of industry experts comprising of healthcare leaders, researchers and CEOs of eminent pharma and life sciences industry have shortlisted such eminent names from the pharma and life sciences industry. In the current edition of CEO Insights Magazine's `Top 10 Leaders in Pharma & Life Sciences - 2020', we highlight their tale of struggle, efforts, success and failure to empower others from the industry. Hope the issue inspires you to take challenges and emerge winners.

Top 10 Leaders in Pharma & Life Sciences - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bluefish PharmaceuticalsBluefish Pharmaceuticals Berit Lindholm,CEO With over 27 years of diverse experiences in pharma industry, she outclasses as a global change leader, portraying a phenomenal track record
Micro LabsMicro Labs Dilip Surana,CMD A modest people man and India’s most successful pharma entrepreneur who focuses on delivering extensive value to customers through top-notch and premium quality innovative products
Elite LifeSciencesElite LifeSciences Dr. Rajiv Maini,Co-Founder & Executive Director A passionate professional with around two decades of experience in the industry, his responsibilities currently include establishing and nurturing an employee & client centric organization
AcubiosysAcubiosys Dr. Srinivas Maddi,Founder & CEO A dedicated soul and a great leader striving hard to bring changes in the pharma and life sciences industry of India while providing best-in-class services through his venture
RCupe LifesciencesRCupe Lifesciences Jayant Sitaram Karve,Founder, Director & CEO A great leader striving to understand unmet clinical needs and build solutions to serve the patients, physicians and hospitals better
Laurus Infosystems (India)Laurus Infosystems (India) K K Bhagchandani,Chief Business Officer One of the most proficient business leaders across Asia Pacific who has been guiding, establishing and expanding multinational technology companies and their businesses, and generating phenomenal RoI for them
Sanofi IndiaSanofi India Rajaram Narayanan,CEO Over the last four years, he has led the strategic reorientation of the company in India leading to accelerated growth in key therapies, setting up of new business models and significant transformation of its market operations
Laurus LabsLaurus Labs Satyanarayana Chava,CEO Has been a towering presence for the past 29 years in the pharmaceutical industry, especially under the domains of R&D, manufacturing and business development, he has worked at reputed pharmaceutical companies in various senior roles
GSK IndiaGSK India Sridhar Venkatesh,MD & VP With more than 24 years of diverse experience in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, he has a strong track record of success in multiple roles within the company
NovartisNovartis Vasant Narasimhan,CEO Passionate about reimagining medicine, cultural transformation and the journey of leadership, he is working with a dedicated team to build a leading medicines company globally, powered by advanced therapy platforms and data science

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