• Priya Kumar, Founder & CEO

    Priya Kumar, Founder & CEO

  • As training services and systems industry is still at its nascent stage in India, it is still not a very organized sector, as compared with the west. There are very few formal train the trainer programs delivered by Indian coaches and speakers. And, the hiccup comes in when the values and culture of the western training methods don’t fit or fail to drive the Indian culture and training mindset. Hence, Indian led coaching and trainer certification programs is what will be the greatest contributor and driver of the industry. Speaking of which, Priya Kumar persona perfectly befits this situation. She is an globally acclaimed motivational speaker, bestselling author and now a screenwriter. She has written 12 Inspirational Books that have won 42 international Awards. Furthermore, she has worked with over 2000 multi-national corporates across 47 countries and has touched over 3 million people through her workshops and books.

  • Priya Kumar Training System: Motivating, Empowering And Driving People Towards Excellence

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Top 10 Women Startup CEOs - 2020

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  • Top 10 Women Startup CEOs - 2020

    There has been a significant changes in the last few decades, wherein, increasing number of women have been taking up the charge as the leaders across every filed. Many researchers today believe that women are more are more transformational than men leaders when it comes to inspiring team and leading them towards the success of that particular organization. Also, women are believed to be the agents of change, be it decision making in politics, businesses or communities. While, it is also believed that where women hold more executive leadership positions, the company is more likely to increase its growth bandwagon. This elevating women in decision-making benefits politics, businesses, and communities. If we look at the current juncture, female entrepreneurs are leading the way for women around the globe and changing the business world for the better. According to a executive compensation study Equilar 600 reveals that on average women CEOs take home significantly more than their male counterparts. While if we look at the report from Catalyst.org a non-profit, there are currently 29 female CEOs at the helm of the companies in the S&P 500. Therefore, there are lots of cases where women have been proven to be the driving force in their respective fields. Time and time again women are showing the true meaning of being feminist, irrespective of which space one is currently in. As leaders are often tasked with choosing between options that aren’t black and white, women are also said to have the honestly to seamlessly lead the entire company’s success journey. However, even though the numbers of women in the talent pipeline has been steadily increasing over the last 3 decades, there are still large gender gaps from entry-level right through to top-executive positions. Being a country, which is presently boosting women empowerment, and girl child education, through numerous government and private bodies, India is creating its pathway to a successful future. Recognizing some of the women in the corporate sector, in this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we present a list of ‘Top 10 Women Startup CEOs - 2020’. The listing presents names, which are selected by industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the CEO Insights editorial boards, who have fought their way up, and serving the nation through their imperative leadership silently. Readers will be able to create an environment for meaningful and motivational thoughts.

Top 10 Women Startup CEOs - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
MarkeSynergist Private Limited Thane Ambika TM,Founder & CEO MarkeSynergist Private Limited Thane Brings rich experience in the field of Public Relations and Digital Marketing., and has worked with a myriad of projects under various sectors.
Farah Khan World Farah Khan Ali,Founder Farah Khan World Worked with India’s top jewelers with 2 decades in designing jewellery.
JB HR Innovation Services Dr. Julee Banerji,Founder & CEO JB HR Innovation Services Addressing the Existing Gaps within Research and Education through her Brainchild JBHRIS
NuSocia Manju Menon,Co-Founder & CEO NuSocia Carries over 15 years of rich experience in the social sector across a broad spectrum ranging from managing large social projects to driving international programs.
TIMELESS BEAUTY SECRETS Mathangi Sampath,Founder & CEO TIMELESS BEAUTY SECRETS Addresing lifestyle related, skin, hair and beauty concerns.
Skin Project Meghna Ghodawat,Founder & CEO Skin Project A pioneer in formulating unique, natural & nourishing consumable skincare products in the history of Indian industry.
Tech Faktory Pankhuri Gandotra,Founder & CEO Tech Faktory Holds in depth knowledge when it concerns Brand Development, Social Media Advertising, Lead Management, SEO & Content Marketing, Web and App Development, among others.
Priya Kumar Training System Priya Kumar,Founder & CEO Priya Kumar Training System An Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Indian Author of 12 Inspirational Books.
Siji Raveendran Siji Raveendran,Founder & CEO Siji Raveendran A certified NLP trainer, Business Coach, Hypnotherapist, Social & Emotional Intelligent and Motivation Coach.
My Ayurved Dr. Pratibha Shah,CEO My Ayurved Holds 30+ years in healthcare field with a unique training and background in Traditional Health Sciences as well as Public Health.