• Sharmin Ali, Founder & CEO, Instoried

    Sharmin Ali, Founder & CEO, Instoried

  • Marilyn Monroe once said, "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." This success mantra for artists fits perfectly for the bold innovators in the corporate arena as well. More often than not, it is one's burning desire to create an impact and confidently making continuous efforts towards the same, despite being pulled down by others, is what truly makes a difference. This holds true for the story of Sharmin Ali (Founder & CEO, Instoried, and a bestselling author), who has always followed her heart with immense self-confidence despite the hardships, soaring off higher and higher every time she left a print. The Rollercoaster Ride After earning her engineering stripes in ECE from Visvesvaraya University, Sharminkick started her career in an analytics company, where she worked with Fortune companies in the U.S, helping them build their analytical capabilities, resulting in over $50M in revenue.

  • Sharmin Ali: Soaring To Greater Heights With Passion & Confidence

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Top 10 Women Startup CEOs - 2020

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Women Empowerment Through Higher Education

By: Arya Kumar, Professor & Dean, Birla Institute Of Technology & Science, Pilani

Indian economy with $2.8 trillion GDP at current market prices in 2018-19 is the seventh largest economy in the world. The aspiration is to touch a $5 trillion by 2024 i.e. more than doubling

  • Top 10 Women Startup CEOs - 2020

    In India, the startup ecosystem is ranked third largest in the world. It is majorly dominated by the men counterparts, however, women leading culture is on the rise, and companies led by women are growing at a rapid pace. With equivalent support from the Indian government, which has invested highly to fund and boost female entrepreneurship, and at the same time, startups VCs' are proactively untethering knots to bridge the gender gap. Augmenting the strategies by startups, the Indian government's Startup India organizes a Women Entrepreneurship programme also. Experts state that there is still funding challenge presiding in the female entrepreneurs' category in India, as past reports suggest that startups with at least one female co-founder witnessed a 12 percent downfall in 2019 to 17 percent in 2018. Neutralizing this, and boosting the women's startup culture, another report from Bain & Company and Google, predicts that women entrepreneurs have the potential of generating 150 - 170 million job opportunities in India by 2030. In past, India has witnessed women leaders in startups that have successfully led their respective organizations to success. A National Sample Survey states that only 14 percent of the businesses are operated by women entrepreneurs. They have exhibited equivalent leadership qualities like men, and are running organizations without any inputs from anyone. Being a country, which is presently boosting women empowerment, and girl child education, through government initiatives like `BetiBachao, BetiPadhao', `Mahila E-haat', and `One Stop Centre Scheme', India is creating its pathway to a successful future. Recognizing some of the women in the corporate sector, in this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we present a list of `Top 10 Women Startup CEOs - 2020'. The listing presents names, which are selected by industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the CEO Insights editorial boards, who have fought their way up, and serving the nation through their imperative leadership silently. Readers will be able to create an environment for meaningful and motivational thoughts.

Top 10 Women Startup CEOs - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Harold Meagan Akansha Rajput,CEO Harold Meagan Fostering smart casuals for men and women, and branding on clever craftsmanship, quality fabrics, and aesthetics.
Life And Half Charu Tripathi,Founder Life And Half With skills like brand marketing, brand development, and brand management, she is utilizing her creative direction skills for success in startup culture.
Space2Grow Chitra Iyer,Founder Space2Grow Creating a unique identity in the corporate realm, and working for antihuman trafficking, and providing skilling, and education.
Care N Grow - School health ecosystem Meghana Kambham,Founder Care N Grow - School health ecosystem Medical graduate and social entrepreneur who is passionate to help kids and women with sustainable prevention solutions in healthcare and education.
Digital Tensor Radhika Chavan,Founder & CEO Digital Tensor A dynamic personality with skills in manual testing, agile methodologies, requirement analysis, SDLC, system testing, selenium, and mobile testing.
Xeina Drugs Rashmi Kwatra,CEO Xeina Drugs Rashmi is an inspirational figure for many and as an industry stalwart she has brought in revolutionary changes into the sector. Her entrepreneurial and leadership skills have helped her to achieve visionary status in the industry.
WE Viral Riyanka Basu,Co-Founder WE Viral A creative media company that primarily caters to the education and real estate sectors delivering ROI driven digital solutions.
Instoried Sharmin Ali,Founder & CEO Instoried Famous for her public speaking, writing, and entrepreneur skills, she has authored two books, one of which is an announced best seller by the New Indian Express, and the Oxford bookstores.
Dynamisers Solutions Sudipti Dhawan,CEO Dynamisers Solutions Nurturing solutions for web technologies, search engine optimization, mobile application, brand design, digital marketing, graphic design, logo design, email marketing, and social media marketing, and training delivery.
Silhouette by Yukti (SBY) Academy Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta,Founder & CEO Silhouette by Yukti (SBY) Academy A former Gladrags Mrs India, an ex-Banker and now a passionate entrepreneur, Yukti effectively leverages on her panache, corporate leadership experiences and Reiki practice of energy transformation to sharpen the leadership axe for Corporates and Business owners.