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  • Rajeev Baid, Founder & MD

    Rajeev Baid, Founder & MD

  • 2020 will be another year of growth as more national and international news sources and influencers will continue to build buzz around the tea lifestyle. This buzz is not around new technologies or innovations of tea, although there will be no shortage of entrepreneurs attempting to innovate tea. Instead, what attracts new people to tea is the social, cultural, and educational experience. Every community across the country has at least one tea shop or enthusiast, exposing these experiences and creating a tea community. Turning the chapter of a passionate dream to making it a breathing reality, Rajeev Baid started the beautify journey of Chai Chun Tea in 2015. Chai Chun is a celebration of the rich, diverse, and many-splendored culture of tea drinking. The Chai Chun logo brings alive the Indian diaspora of teas. The Tealeaf is at the soul of the tea brand and is the architect of the tea moments.

  • Chai Chun Tea: Offering All Indian Diaspora Of Tea Under One Roof

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  • Top 10 Products in Coffee, Tea & Cocoa - 2020

    India is home to 2.5 percent of the total coffee production in the world. In consideration of this amount of production, the country offers a whopping choice-able number of flavors, types, and varieties to the coffee lovers and connoisseurs. Moving on to the tea market in India, the country is expected to witness growth at a rate of 4.2 percent in the timeline between 2020 and 2025 and by 2025, tea production in India will reach 1.40 million tons. Now, another addition that is driving the economic growth in the country is Cocoa. While the cocoa market is predicted to attain 7.3 percent growth annually between 2020 and 2025, its product chocolate will grow at a rate of 12.8 percent in the period of 2019-2024. With every economic division of the society taking interest in experimentation with coffee, tea, and cocoa, the manufacturers are delved into producing latest products, which are healthy yet tasty. These are not the days where only industry giants were preferred by the consumer-end. But these are the days where SME manufacturers of coffee, tea, and cocoa are gaining attention by introducing swift products of coffee, tea, and cocoa. Data suggests in the coming years, the trend will shift to the innovators in this industry. For all the coffee, tea, and cocoa enthusiasts searching for intriguing products, in this issue of the CEO Insights Magazine, we have listed such companies, who have been consistent in guaranteeing affirmative results. An expert panel that comprises industry leaders, veterans, coffee/tea/cocoa specialists, along with the editorial team, together has shortlisted 10 best products in coffee, tea, and cocoa under the listing `Top 10 Products in Coffee, Tea & Cocoa ­ 2020'. The edition brings to you the story of their passion, compassion, commitment, intellect, struggle, failure, and most importantly, their success in introducing striking products. Hope the list meets its purpose of existence and completes readers' search for a worthy product.

Top 10 Products in Coffee, Tea & Cocoa - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Bayar’s Coffee Srikanth Rao,Director Bayar’s Coffee Bayer's Coffee offers a range of products like filter coffee blend, espresso coffee blend, kohinoor tea blend and other wholesale products
Chai Chun Tea Rajeev Baid,Founder & MD Chai Chun Tea Chai Chun Tea has different tea products like loose leaf, black tea, white tea, oolong, classic chai, and teawares, organic honey, and giftable items
Chamraj Tea D. Hedge,Director Chamraj Tea Chamraj Tea offers products like organic green tea, organic chamomile green tea, organic herbal infusion tea, hand made tea, organic single estate black tea, rare tea cheslet pack and healthy tea products
Choko la Vasudha Munjal,Founder Choko la Choko la has products like chocolate hampers, assorted chocolate boxes, caramelized onion with feta croissant, stuffed mozzarella bread, chocolate cake, chocolate rose bunch, truffles and other chocolate products
Kannavarai Tea Gauthaam Anand,Marketing Manager Kannavarai Tea Kannavarai Tea is specialized in tasting the flavour, verifying the strength and measuring the quality of the product highlights the services
Mittal Teas Nikita Mittal,Head of Growth & Marketing Mittal Teas Mittal Teas is specialized in Darjeeling Teas, Customised Blends, Customised Gifting, Herbal Teas, Floral Teas, Wedding Favours, and Corporate Gifting
MR Nutriments Raheel Merchant,Director MR Nutriments MR Nutriments manufactures a wide spectrum of chocolates from superior ingredients at reasonable prices, especially to capture the souls of consumers from middle class, upper middle class and upper lower class
OshonIndia Arun Dev Sahayam Jabamany, Sivaraman Balaji Suresh & Periya Raj Sivaraman,Directors OshonIndia OshonIndia is a manufacturer of affordable, divine sweet confectionery and chocolate items, for all consumer class with taste & quality 101 percent
The Indian Chai Amit Jain,Founder The Indian Chai The Indian Chai brings the product combination of Tea and Indian Herbs which are processed in organic and natural way with an importance to health aspect
The Tea Shelf Atulit Chokhani,Founder The Tea Shelf The Tea Shelf has products like low caffeine tea, matcha tea, green tea, flavoured tea, herbal tea, chai tea and guides in brewing tea

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