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  • Prashant Dixit,    Founding Partner, HUED

    Prashant Dixit, Founding Partner, HUED

  • India and the Middle East have walked miles together, endorsing a strong business relationship for many centuries and addressing the nuances of industry verticals like investment, energy, and security, in business relations. Apart from providing a convenient lifestyle to the millions of migrants from India, the Mideast has also emerged as one of the pivotal pedestals for many Indian businessmen, with some of them even managing to remold themselves as prominent entrepreneurs and established business tycoons. As the Founding Partner of HUED the first and largest design and innovation consulting firm in Saudi Arabia, Prashant Dixit remains in search of thrilling business problems that can not only boost his creative energies but will also refurbish him as a sturdy professional.

  • Prashant Dixit: Transforming Consumer Experience Through Prominent Design Solutions

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10 Indian Leaders in Middle East - 2022

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  • 10 Indian Leaders in Middle East - 2022

    Large number of Indian expatriates contributes to foreign Diasporas of mainly Western and Middle East countries. A large number of Indians leave the country in pursuit of education or work. And in this, majority choose Gulf countries. The immense job opportunities, better living conditions and easy migration processes are the main reason for migration to Gulf countries. The relation between Indians and Middle East dates back to centuries, and it is written in the pages of History. Especially South Indians always had a good trade relation with Gulf countries. There are evidences between sales in Mesopotamia and Harrapa. These trade relations flourished more during the medieval period with the flourishing of sea trade.

    With the oil boom in the Gulf region in 1970s, the Gulf regions became highly developed, investing highly on infrastructure and development. This created huge opportunities for migrants all over the world. Migrants to Gulf countries increased, especially from India. As the demand for upper class jobs such as Doctors, Engineers, Architects, and Managers heightened, Middle East witnessed huge scale migration from India. Today, many Indians are holding topmost positions in private as well as Government sectors in the Gulf region.

    As of 2012, 30 percent of Indians in GCC countries are working in white collar jobs, while 70 percent are working as semi skilled or unskilled workers. These expatriates contribute significantly contributes to their economies through the billions of dollars remitted back to their homes by the migrants. The World Bank has put India at top of the list of countries that receive remittances, with India averaging between $60-70 billion a year.

    In this issue of CEO Insights, we bring you a list of ‘Top 10 Indian Leaders in Middle East – 2022’ who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience for the growth and profit of the respective organizations in which they have served, thus contributing to the country’s economy. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board.

10 Indian Leaders in Middle East - 2022

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Travelwings Albert Fernando, Co-Founder & CEO Travelwings He is a self motivated leader, who is passionate about traveling from his childhood and striving to be a change-bringer in the travel and tourism industry
Whistler International Group Dr. Ahmad Thanveer, Managing Director Whistler International Group A Ph.D. holder from the International University of America, with whose dynamic business strategies, Whistler International Group has become a globally appreciated company creating outstanding value for its stakeholders
HUED Prashant Dixit, Founding Partner HUED Having worked in a range of roles within the realm of UX design, research, and product innovation, he is equipped with more than 15 years of rich and diverse industry experience
Green Light International Rajbir Singh, Managing Director Green Light International A diligent leader who is competent in implementing effective solutions to the customer needs and developing innovative strategies for business growth for India and Oman
RP Group of Companies Ravi Pillai, Founder & Chairman RP Group of Companies Since establishing his company in 1978, he has built his business empire into a $7.8 billion construction heavyweight over 42 years
Landmark Group Renuka Jagtiani, Chairwoman & CEO Landmark Group For more than 20 years, she has led the company's corporate strategy and expansion into new markets
Al Huzaifa Furniture Industry Shiraz Jamaji, CEO Al Huzaifa Furniture Industry A passionate entrepreneur, strategist and a dedicated professional with strong experience in business operations, successfully delivering the best luxurious home furnishing and FF& E solutions
Stallion Group Sunil Vaswani, Group Chairman Stallion Group He persued his education in UK and soon after completing his education, he built a fledgling business focusing on West Africa and Middle East
GEMS Education Sunny Varkey, Founder & Chairman GEMS Education An education entrepreneur and education philanthropist who migrated to Dubai in 1959 and founder of Gems Education, world's largest operator of K-12 schools
LuLu Group International Yusuff Ali M.A, Chairman & Managing Director LuLu Group International A highly successfull entrepreneur who is involved in many social, charitable and humanitarian activities both in India as well as in Gulf

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