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  • Rajeev Singh, CEO, Col AL Maha Ceramics

    Rajeev Singh, CEO, Col AL Maha Ceramics

  • India is one of the finest places for startups in the world. The global corporate giants and investors have lined-up to take advantage of this opportunity. When it comes to startups, several entrepreneurs have opted to establish their foundation in a foreign country, even though they may have a rising presence in India. Nowadays, it is much easier to start a business than it was a few years ago. However, there are still obstacles that force many entrepreneurs to set-up business outside India. Rajeev Singh, CEO of Al Maha Ceramics SAOG, is one of the few exceptionally successful business leaders who has proven his mettle in India as well as abroad, having more than 30 years of experience in the building material industry and modern retail in the home improvement arena. He is a change agent and turnaround specialist who focuses on developing and implementing effective strategies that are driven by innovation. Rajeev had been in charge of the P&L for more than 15 years for some of the leading names in the industry, driving profitable growth and transforming loss-making units into profitable ones.

  • Rajeev Singh: Giving Competitive Advantages To Organizations With His Industry-Rich Experience

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  • Top 10 Best Indian Leaders in Oman - 2021

    India and Oman's economic and commercial development in bilateral trading is robust and buoyant. During FY19-20, bilateral trading was at $5.931 billion and FY20-21 was at $4.63 billion. Investment from both India and Oman has been scrupulous, with over 4000 India-Oman joint ventures in Oman. The investment, according to experts, is around $7.5 billion. Companies from India have invested in Oman at Sohar and Salalah free zones. The countries have high priority in strengthening the economic and commercial businesses. India and Oman's economic cooperation are scrutinized by the India-Oman Joint Commission Meeting. India-Oman Joint Business Council meetings help in business progress and provide the platform of interaction between leaders from Indian and Omanis.

    India is among the top trading partners for Oman. On September 27, 2021 India and Oman signed an agreement for exchange of white shipping information and boosting maritime security cooperation. India's Chief of Navy Staff Admiral Karambir Singh and Admiral Saif bin Nasser bin Mohsen Al-Rahbi from Oman inked the documents. Indian Navy spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal stated, "The signing of the MoU between Royal Navy of Oman and Indian Navy would facilitate information exchange on merchant shipping traffic".

    The trades include exchange of mineral fuels, mineral oils, articles of iron & steel and many other products that are exported from India, and petroleum oils & oils from bituminous minerals crude and other products that are imported to India from Oman. The sectors of investment include iron & steel, cement, fertilizers, textile, cables, chemicals, automotive and more.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we present to you a list of 'Top 10 Best Indian Leaders in Oman - 2021'. Crafted by a team of CEOs, VCs, industry veterans and the CEO Insights editorial team, this archive provides information about Indians holding leadership roles in Oman who are excelling in their respective fields through efficient business development which is innovative and creating faster, better and more effective trading between India and Oman.

Top 10 Best Indian Leaders in Oman - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Universal Wires Amit Shah, MD Universal Wires Amit completed business education in masters from The University of Texas and is contributing to the business development of Universal Wires with his excellent experience
Al Arkan Construction Dharmendra Sharma,CEO Al Arkan Construction An exemplary business professional with an experience of 20+ years in development of integrated township, commercial complex & infrastructure projects
Oman Shapoorji Kumar Mahadevan,Advisor & Director Oman Shapoorji Kumar has 40+ years of experience in management and has skills in project planning, business management and construction management at international locations
State Bank of India Narayan Raja,CEO State Bank of India With his skills in banking codes and years of excellent achievements, he contributes to the bank's business in Oman
Pragati Glass Nitin Chaudhary, MD Pragati Glass Nitin has experience in business management for topnotch companies and contributes to the business development of the company in international locations
Mustafa Sultan Enterprises Rajeev Sharma,Group CEO Mustafa Sultan Enterprises Rajeev has almost 30 years of experience in leadership of emerging and large businesses with experience in Strategic Alliances, M&A and Integration activities
Al Maha Ceramics Rajeev Singh, CEO Al Maha Ceramics Highly skilled in strategic management, people management, driving business through team building, process design & channel insight, with key expertise in business startups, acquisitions, brand development and driving profits through effective cost control strategies
Shadeed Iron & Steel Sanjay Anand,Plant Head Shadeed Iron & Steel Specialized in refining & rolling manufacturing processes, Sanjay helps in cultural change, union wage negotiation, purchasing, government liaison, branding, contracts and total administration
Indian Schools - Sultanate of Oman Dr. Sivakumar Manickam,Chairman - Board Of Directors Indian Schools - Sultanate of Oman A renowned industry professional with 25+ years of experience in providing holistic education for child development in sports, cultural activities, and socially responsible activities
Dhofar International Development & Investment Holding Co. SAOG (DIDIC) Vishal Makwana,CFO Dhofar International Development & Investment Holding Co. SAOG (DIDIC) With skills in fund raising, cash flow, working capital management, financial modelling, budgeting, planning and analysis in India and Middle East Vishal, he contributes to Corporate Finance development

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