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  • Ranjeet Banerjee, CEO - Cold Chain Technologies

    Ranjeet Banerjee, CEO - Cold Chain Technologies

  • T he world is an ocean of opportunities but are only a few courageous people who swim across it to find their shore and grow. In that list, Indians have always found a special mention when it comes to making a mark by breaking borders. Today, several Indian-origin leaders have emerged as the torch-bearers of the new-age business world in top countries like the US. We take huge pride in appreciating the enormous efforts of such trendsetters who are leading global revolutions. Ranjeet Banerjee is one among them who deserves recognition. He is a versatile business leader with a 36-year track record of finding innovative solutions to challenges that impact healthcare. This medical technology veteran is experienced in leading global businesses and cross-functional teams, developing and executing integrated strategies/operational plans to accelerate innovation, drive commercial excellence and deliver above-market revenue growth and profitability. He has successfully integrated large businesses post acquisition by developing people and aligning organizational talent, energy, and culture with a strategy to drive impactful change.

  • Ranjeet Banerjee: Endeavouring Growth Through Collaboration & Innovation

Things Are Looking ‘Cloud-High’

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Thanks to the ease of adoption of the latest technologies, once-complex business problems now have simpler, faster solutions. As a result, new businesses are mushrooming across different marketplaces at a remarkable pace.

Samvardhana Motherson Purchases German Firm Auto System Technik Gmbh For Eur 540 Million

By: CEOInsights Team

Samvardhana Motherson Automotive Systems Group BV (SMRPBV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Samvardhana

Top 10 Indian Leaders in US - 2023

SAS Is Well Positioned To Benefit From The Long-Term Trend Of Oems Outsourcing Module Assembly To Trusted Suppliers

By: CEOInsights Team

T he Board of Lumax Auto Technologies approved the proposed acquisition by the Company (via


Tata Motors Sign Mou With Ride Sharing Company Uber To Provide 25,000 EVS

By: CEOInsights Team

Tata Motors, an Indian automaker, today signed an agreement with Uber, a ride-hailing company based in the United States, to bring 25,000 XPRES-T


Logistics Industry On The Rise In India

By: Yogesh Patel, CFO, Mahindra Logistics

As a lead up to the launch of the National Logistics Policy of the country, a lot many changes have taken place in the logistics space in India. We will now be able to witness a pivotal transformation


The Emerging Healthcare Landscape

By: Amit Chopra, Managing Director - India & South Asia, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Below is an excerpt of the interview by Amit Chopra, Managing Director, India and South Asia, Thermo Fisher Scientific, who takes CEO Insights


Combating Money Laundering with Biometric Authentication Led KYC

By: Pratyush Chandramadhur, Chief Business Officer, AuthBridge Research Services

An overview of how biometric-powered KYC is helping BFSI fight against money laundering. As the


Diversity at Workplace

By: Sudeep Kumarsen, Vice President, Gi Group

Diversity at workplace means employment of talent who vary in age, gender, race, culture, religion, ethnicity, region, sexual orientation, learning exposure, and education level. Diversity exhibits


HR: Cultivating the Workforce to Achieving Business Goals

By: Anuja Karlmarx, Director Human Resources, ITW India Private Ltd (Automotive Division)

Below are the essential elements derived by Anuja Karlmarx, Director Human Resources, ITW INDIA PRIVATE LTD (Automotive Division), with

  • Top 10 Indian Leaders in US - 2023

    Finally the World is Inviting Indians to take the Charge
    Quite literally we are witnessing a shift today, whe re Indians are ruling over the world. They are not only leading companies and organisations, but also nations. Though people of India and Indian-origin making a mark around the globe, is not at all a new concept, but the rapid addition in the count for Indian executives, strategist, politians, artist and other professionals abroad is really welcoming and overwhelming. From Sundar Pichai to Satya Nadella, the Indian-origin leaders’ list is only seeing upward verticals.

    Indian Leaders Dominating the Globe: Indians are the significant driving force behind some of the established as well as latest engineering and technology companies in the world. And United States is no different. The world today is familiar with Sundar Pichai and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who are Indian origin technology leaders leading the two most important technology companies of the world. But apart from these two executives, there are numerous other leaders broke the boundary of limit with their abilities, capabilities, hard work and reached the pinnacle of success and definitely made India proud with their achievements irrespective of the verticals, which deserves to be celebrated and acknowledged.

    Statistics: Many talented Indians have made breakthroughs and pushed boundaries to hold upon positions of power in the world of technology and media. Studies reflect out of the estimated 7,300 US tech startups founded by immigrants, 26 percent have Indian founders, CEOs, presidents or head researchers. Almost every big US technology companies have technology pioneers of Indian descent, including the fathers of the USB and technology blogging.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights, a list of ‘Top 10 Indian Leaders in US - 2023' is provided to the readers in corporate and different sectors, for informing on the excellent services leveraged by the Leaders in diverse domains. The listing is prepared by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board..

Top 10 Indian Leaders in US - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
IBM Arvind Krishna, Chief Executive Officer IBM A technologist driving the future of digital transformation with advanced technology, industry expertise, and trust
Barclays CS Venkatakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer Barclays A member of the group executive committee deploy finance responsibly to support people and businesses with 20+ years of experience
Dwight Global Online School Jaya Bhavnani, Founder & Executive Director Dwight Global Online School An international education leader, passionate teacher, and influential change-maker creating positive impacts on students’ learning journeys by capturing their interests
Kadha Julie Madhusoodanan, Founder Kadha A spiritual savvy and charismatic leader, driven by the core values to make a difference in lives, society and nations
Chanel Leena Nair, Global Chief Executive Officer Chanel A business leader creating, developing, manufacturing and distributing luxury products offering a broad range of high-end creations
FedEx Raj Subramaniam,Chief Executive Officer FedEx A leading executive helping businesses to flourish, economies to prosper, and standards of living to improve with 30+ years of experience
Cold Chain Technologies Ranjeet Banerjee, Chief Executive Officer Cold Chain Technologies A versatile business leader with a 36-year track record of finding innovative solutions to challenges that impact healthcare experienced in leading global businesses and cross-functional teams and deliver above-market revenue growth and profitability
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Shantanu Narayen, Assistant Vice President Bank of America Merrill Lynch A business leader shaping the future responsibly and helping clients skilled in equities, equity trading, FX trading and many
 D.B. Group America Sheela Seth, Country Managing Director D.B. Group America An enthusiastic leader having an extensive experience of three decades expertised in the freight industry and has been a part of various crucial projects across various geographies in the world
Royal Thai Shyam Bhatter, CEO Royal Thai A visionary leader with over 35 years of experience in leadership roles, successfully driven financial success and global business growth

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