• Jafer Ummeed Khan, Vice-Chaiman, Summit Group of Companies

    Jafer Ummeed Khan, Vice-Chaiman, Summit Group of Companies

  • Regardless of the industrial domain a leader serves, achieving a goal and managing the team coherently and cohesively has always been a particular quality of any leader. As a result, being a professional with attributes like honesty, competence, commitment, confidence, integrity, foresight, and, most importantly, empathy, among others, will help you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, by completing their obligations and delegating the same to the team by motivating and articulating an exciting vision, these leaders consistently establish, redefine, and evolve the success stories of enterprises. In the growing economy of Bangladesh, such dynamic mavens are significantly contributing to the growth bandwagon of their respective organizations, the industry, and the country’s economy & status as a whole. Speaking of which, Jafer Ummeed Khan, Vice- Chairman of Summit Group of Companies, is one such acing business leader in Bangladesh. Jafer is responsible for leading and managing the overall business for Summit.

  • Jafer Ummeed Khan: An Industry Leader Propelling Success with Effective Strategies

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10 Best Leaders in Bangladesh - 2021

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  • 10 Best Leaders in Bangladesh - 2021

    Bangladesh has shown a sustained economic growth along with remarkable progress in poverty reduction during the past few decades. Over the past decade, it has been one among the fastest growing economies of the world. It is expected to change from the UN's least developed countries list and to be in the list of lower-middle income countries in 2026. According to the HSBC report, Bangladesh is expected to become the 26th largest economy from the current 42nd position by 2030, moving ahead of the Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

    Since independence in 1972 Bangladesh had gone through the hands of 20 leaders, Each contributing to its development. In 1975 president Zia ur-Rahman made notable achievements in the reconstruction and development of Bangladesh. He   the military, empowered the bureaucracy and improved law and order while emphasizing in food production, irrigation, primary education and rural development. Followed by Khaleda Zia ur-Rahman, who contributed in reducing corruption in the country. He was followed by Shake Hasena who ruled the country for 20 years. It is Sheik Haseena's contribution that has transformed Bangladesh to the status of a developing country from least developed country status.

    This issue of the CEO Insight magazine introduces you to a list of "10 Best Leaders in Bangladesh - 2021" crafted by a team of Industry veterans, CEOs, VCs and the CEO Insight editorial team thus delivering inspiring stories of their journey, the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of a powerful nation.

10 Best Leaders in Bangladesh - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
ShipDyn Amitavo Chowdhury,Managing Director, ShipDyn ShipDyn Contributing to the development of the company with leadership and skills in business, marketing, and finance
Summit Group of Companies Jafer Ummeed Khan,Vice-Chairman Summit Group of Companies Leading the development for the company with excellent trading skills and business development knowledge
Valorwide Ltd Md Feroze Alam Sarder,Founder & Chief Executive Officer Valorwide Ltd Highly experienced in software development, portfolio management, enterprise risk management, risk management, team management, product management, and business development
DIGI MARK SOLUTION Md Sahariar Alam, Chief Executive Officer DIGI MARK SOLUTION A change bringer with an eye for business excellence with skills in security automation, time and attendance
Folia Bangladesh Mohammed Rashed,Chief Executive Officer & Vice President, South Asia Folia Bangladesh An exemplary business leader that strives for continuous improvement marketing, business planning, sales and operations
B-Trac Technologies Ltd Muhammad Mabud,Chief Executive Officer B-Trac Technologies Ltd Successful leader in computer hardware industry with skills in session initiation protocol (SIP), Management, pre-sales, network design, and Cisco systems products business development
Rombo Studio Partho Biswas,Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Rombo Studio Entrepreneur with a knack for business development in robotics, programming and web development
Loop Freight Rajib Das,Founder & Chief Executive Officer Loop Freight Supply chain expert with accomplishment in projects for renowned companies in India and has awards such as Gamma Sigma Alpha Academic Honor Roll
Workspace InfoTech Tahsinul Alam Sarker,Founder & Chief Executive Officer Workspace InfoTech Accomplished leader in the field of technology with skills in JavaScript, MySQL, and Java
Socian Ltd Tanvir Sourov,Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Socian Ltd Tech entrepreneur with expertize in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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