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  •  Sucheth Davuluri,    CEO

    Sucheth Davuluri, CEO

  • Jim Rohn once quoted ~ “A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better”. Indeed, empowerment of people while vesting belief in them is what great leaders pursue. Soaring high among this bracket of great leaders is Sucheth Davuluri (CEO, Neuland Laboratories Limited (NSE: NEULANDLAB)) who is a strong believer in people and their potential, including his own. Especially at Neuland Laboratories, Sucheth always ensures to focus on how all people can get better together, how they can unlock each other’s potential by improving their strengths, and developing frameworks that eliminate their blind spots.

  • Sucheth Davuluri: A Young Influential Leader & Wizard Embracing Holacracy

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  • Top 10 CEOs from Manufacturing - 2020

    Since the beginning, manufacturing has emerged as one of the highest growth sectors in India. A recent major reference to it is Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ program, strategized to place India on the world map as a manufacturing hub and bring global recognition to the Indian economy. India is expected to acquire the fifth largest position in manufacturing in the world by the end of year 2020, while the Government aims to achieve 25 percent GDP share and 100 million new jobs in the sector by 2022. However, observing digitization and advancement in technology, followed by various other developments, manufacturing industry is facing several significant challenges, be it FMCG, textiles & apparel, petroleum, chemicals, computers & electronics, and others, companies need to invest in operational improvements to help offset higher material costs and boost profit margins. The band of expectation is perdurable from the manufacturing leaders. To thrive in today’s competitive environment, CEOs in manufacturing are faced with daunting challenges, ranging from intensified competition to a higher level of shareholder and regulatory scrutiny. These business leaders are weighing their options and taking on enormous risk weighing strategic actions with appropriate risk, increasing investment in technology, restructuring pricing and making domestic acquisitions. Besides leading manufacturing companies around the globe, executives like Sucheth Davuluri, Neeraj Bisaria, Sudhanshu Saraf, and many others have brought exceptional fame to India. Researching about such dynamic and profuse Indian CEOs from Manufacturing, CEO Insights has prepared an informative listing of ‘Top 10 CEOs from Manufacturing – 2020’, which sheds light on the efficiency and track record of executives from India. A distinguished panel encompassing industry experts, CEOs, VCs along with CEO Insights Editorial Board have come-up with a roster of front-runners in this segment. The listing also presents great insights about the ongoing and upcoming trends and advancements across diverse industries.

Top 10 CEOs from Manufacturing - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Avanti Feeds Alluri Indra Kumar, CEO & MD Avanti Feeds Having a varied experience, he was instrumental in development of shrimp culture and is currently enhancing Avanti's technical and marketing capabilities
AIA Engineering Bhadresh Shah, CEO AIA Engineering A metallurgy engineer from IIT Kanpur, he leads AIA from the front and played a key role in making it one of the world's largest manufacturers of high chromium grinding parts for the cement, mining and power industries
Vijai Electricals Chakradhar S,CEO Vijai Electricals Solely negotiating Joint Ventures with large firms in US, Europe, Middle East & Australia successfully, holds more than two decades of industrial experience in different verticals such as Engineering Designs, Industrial Automation, Communications, Manufacturing and Commerce
Elcom International Girish Vaze,CEO, MD & Chairman Elcom International A true leader who believes in having a strong vision with reliability and orientation that will help create a strong organization and the next line of leaders.
Premium Transmission Neeraj Bisaria, Managing Director & CEO Premium Transmission A proponent of innovation & creative thinking in manufacturing, he has a track record of transforming worst performing businesses into best performing ones,with strong focus on people & processes
Aditya Birla Group Santrupt Misra, CEO Aditya Birla Group A HR professional and a business leader with over 30 years of experience, he has worked at board level for about two decades in several companies and non-profit organizations in India and overseas
Neuland Laboratories Sucheth Davuluri, CEO Neuland Laboratories A veteran who leads with influence rather than hierarchy and boasts of 18+ years of experience in pharma and two years in manufacturing industry
Jindal Steel and Power Sudhanshu Saraf, CEO Jindal Steel and Power An alumnus of IIT-BHU, he is a TOC practitioner and has gained expertise in the areas of TOC Operations Management, Finance & Measurements, and has applied TOC to Projects environment and Distribution Management, developed models & tools for better understanding
Britannia Industries Varun Berry, CEO Britannia Industries With an experience of over 27 years working with premier companies like Hindustan Unilever & Pepsico both in India and overseas, he has a successful track record in leading startups, joint ventures and growth businesses
Royal Enfield Vinod K Dasari, CEO & MD Royal Enfield A proven entrepreneur & leader who combines business vision and people's skills to revive the fortunes of the company by re-shaping its dynamics digitally using technology and thus catalyse growth

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