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  • Manish Mathur, CFO, Dabur Group

    Manish Mathur, CFO, Dabur Group

  • The year 2020 has called upon all leaders to display exemplary resilience in the face of a pandemic that has disrupted economic and social life unprecedentedly. It is truly a black swan event and only those resilient leaders with proactive strategies can navigate their organization through such uncharted terrains rife with ambiguity. Manish Mathur (CFO, Dabur Group - International Division) is one such visionary leader, who has not only protected the business amidst the crisis, but has translated the challenges into new business opportunities through his multi-pronged strategies and meticulous due diligence. In his successful ride of 21 years in the financial realm, Manish has garnered abundant global experience in spearheading strategic finance functions in Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, Russia and West Asia. Raising the bar higher for himself with every project he takes on, he has successfully developed and executed numerous critical initiatives that facilitated Dabur to achieve a meteoric rise.

  • Manish Mathur: Spearheading Business Towards Industry Zenith Through Proactive Strategies

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  • CFO of the Year - 2020

    With high responsibility for financial transactions and actions of a company, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) performs duties like cash flow tracking and planning the finances, besides critically analyzing the strength of the finances, and where the weak links are involved. Following this, the CFO's are extremely thoughtful about making corrections, also maintaining on-time accurate finance reports from the accountants and treasurers. Although the final decision about an investment is completed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company, yet the divisions, where the investments are profitable, are structured by the CFO beforehand, presenting the plans to the CEO following the structuring. Working in collaboration with higher-level managers, a CFO's inclusion on every expense made and every income earned is essential. Instances suggest that any campaign launched by the marketing team of a company, or any in-office expenditure incurred, have in-depth insights from the CFO, about the availability of funds, or whether the investment is feasible or not. Studying the market, a CFO and its team predict value propositions for the company. It is the ever-important task as the onboarding of client initiatives starts right with it. According to expert CFOs, the qualities that differentiate a topnotch CFO are ­ leadership (communicate with others and show them the pathway), operations (unique ideation about the business segments of the company the CFO works for), controls (regulation and legality), and strategy (planning about successful businesses). These are the building blocks for a CFO to execute successful strategies. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we have shortlisted such dynamic CFOs that are driving business growth. The listing, titled `CFO of the Year - 2020', represents the names which are selected after thorough research and scrutiny by the leading CEOs, VCs, industry veterans, and the CEO Insights Magazine Editorial Board. The next pages contain the stories of a few CFOs who are steering the revenue curve to the pyramid top for their companies.

CFO of the Year - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Heritage Foods A Prabhakara Naidu,CFO Heritage Foods With 28+ years of industry experience, he wears multiple hats as an architect, leader and coach to provide top-notch services in interest of all stakeholders
TAKE Solutions Limited Lalit Mahapatra,CFO TAKE Solutions Limited With expertize in creating budgets, making concepts for financial services and later implementing them, he has showcased successful execution of the services and received many awards and recognitions
Wockhardt Manas Datta,CFO Wockhardt With over three decades of experience, he outclasses as the doyen of finance with strong belief in sustainable actions rather than QoQ plans while spearheading diverse finance & accounting functions
Dabur Group Manish Mathur,CFO Dabur Group As a team leader and visionary, I have successfully created a young, mobile and progressive multi-cultural team in various parts of the world focused on risk management, active business partnering and driving digitization across the organization
Cosmo Films Neeraj Jain,CFO Cosmo Films A chartered accountant with two decades of experience, Neeraj Jain has proven expertise in corporate finance, business strategy, and banking & fundraising
VIP Industries Ltd Neetu Kashiramka,CFO VIP Industries Ltd With 2+ decades' experience in Accounts, Finance, MIS, Budgets, Strategy, Business Process Re-engineering, Insurance, Internal Audits, Fund raising through IPO, NCD, term loan etc.,M & A and Investor Relations, she is leading the finances
Tenon Group Sandeep Gupta,Global CFO Tenon Group A Chartered Accountant and certified Treasury Manager professional with 27+years of experience and knowledge in Strategic Planning & Execution, Budgeting & Forecasting, Cash Flow Optimization, and many other verticals
Granules India Limited Sandip Neogi,CFO Granules India Limited A finance leader having the ability to differentiate among resources and ensures attaining performance management equilibrium for the growth of the company
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Saumen Chakraborty,President, CFO & Global Head – IT, BPE Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories A leader who transforms organization beyond financial functions and enables new avenues for growth by delivering value
Relaxo Footwears Sushil Batra,CFO Relaxo Footwears A disciplined, systematic and punctual CFO with lean management practice in corporate and personal life

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