• Gurleen Kaur, Founder

    Gurleen Kaur, Founder

  • An earthen pot coming to life on a pottery wheel is a fascinating sight to watch. As the wheel turns vigorously, it might appear as though the mound of mud is rising and turning into a beautiful pot on its own accord. However, it is the magic of the potter’s cautious yet graceful hands that apply just the right amount of pressure at the right spot that guides the ductile mud to take the right shape. The potter works along knowing quiet well that a single misstep is enough to cause irreparable damage to the structure. He therefore moves his fingers along cautiously and ultimately creates a pot that can hold its shape on its own.

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10 Best Life Coaches - 2019

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  • 10 Best Life Coaches - 2019

    Elaine MacDonald, Executive Director, Harvard Business School, once quoted, “A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness”. Unlike leadership trainers and other mavens, life coaches are the true torchbearers of our lives who go beyond the frontiers of mere classroom training. They ensure to address and resolve any sort of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual obstacles in a person’s life and thus, induce a holistic growth. Especially, leadership coaching is not a one-time process, but a series of processes that help people in creating & accomplishing goals, gaining clarity on their journey, taking action, bringing-in changes if needed, overcoming problems and eventually, harnessing the best might of their faculty and creativity. Well, this is no easy feat for a life coach! It takes a great deal of expertise and experience for life coaches to achieve these aspects along with profound insights on the coachee’s goals & values in life. Today, there are a swarm of certified and well-experienced life coaches in India who are leveraging their best potential to offer personal as well leadership coaching to people, thereby standing as a catalyst in their lives. Despite the certifications and experience these life coaches hold, there are quite a few challenges which still persist in their endeavours. Few of these challenges are wavering confidence, very few referrals, bad networking, programs irrelevant to the fee levied, no proper target audience, and many more. On the bright side, constant honing of skills, learning from mistakes and never repeating them, and above all understanding the actual requirements of coachees and giving them bespoke coaching are what life coaches ought to master. The road ahead seems quite bright for these experts, thanks to the burgeoning demand and opportunities in this segment. Exploring the journeys of diverse life coaches in India, CEO Insights has prepared an informative listing: ‘10 Best Life Coaches – 2019’, which encompasses the success stories of the best life coaches in India along with the excellence of their life coaching institutes. An expert panel comprising of industry experts, CEOs, VCs and other mavens along with CEO Insights Editorial Board have come-up with the names of these doyens in the life coaching segment. The listing further throws light on the various emerging advancements and trends in the field of life coaching in India.

10 Best Life Coaches - 2019

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Inner Quake Arpita Verma,Founder & Chief Learning Officer Inner Quake A professional certified coach, neuro brain based specialist, transformational speaker and a gifted orator capable of inspiring and encouraging people to higher ideals and thinking
Skills for Life Foundation Gurleen Kaur , Founder Skills for Life Foundation Holding doctorate in psychotherapy & counselling, affiliated with the IPA, and having designed a host of customized training and modules for young adolescents, parents and mentors, she is on a mission to build an army of divergent thinkers
Peace Within Indu Seth, Founder & Life Coach Peace Within A certified life coach and Access Conscious bars facilitator, she believes that there is no single medicine for all problems, hence provides different therapies or combination of therapies to resolve client’s problems & heal them
Johncey George Consulting Johncey George,Executive Leadership & Life Coach Johncey George Consulting A well-versed torch bearer in Executive Leadership & Life Coaching, impacting millions of lives and bringing-out their best version
Adorn Life Kumud Gandhi,Life Coach, Reiki Master & Angel Card Reader Adorn Life A renowned name in the world of life coaching, she conducts trainings and workshops on various aspects from communication to stress management, relationships to parenting, medications to affirmations and many more
Golden Age Transformation Dr. Ramon Llamba,Founder Golden Age Transformation A celebrated life coach, meta physicist with a PhD in quantum physics, she is a one woman army who is helping clients gain control over their emotions and lives
The Coach Saloni Suri,Executive Life Coach & Corporate Trainer The Coach An executive leadership coach, trainer and author, she works with individuals, groups and organizations to provide them with effective tools to help them move towards their desired goals
The Mindpower Sriram Thyagarajan,Founder The Mindpower A Life & Performance coach who trains using NLP as the cornerstone to help individuals, corporate executives & entrepreneurs to find solutions & create greater possibilities
Let Us Talk Dr. Sumita Chhabra Ummat, Founder Let Us Talk An industry veteran with close to two decades of experience in project management, customer delivery, training, leadership and team mentoring, she is helping individuals unlock their hidden potential
One Life Academy Suresh Babu S,Business Coach, Founder & Director One Life Academy An internationally certified performance coach, he is committed to helping individuals, leaders and startups unlock their true potential and live a life of purpose

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