• Jay Menon, Founder, Futurea4

    Jay Menon, Founder, Futurea4

  • In today's tough times of Covid-19, many families affected and various challenges have come up; job opportunities were one such issue that took a heavy toll. Thousands of people have lost their jobs and many graduates are yet to find the right job opportunity that is best suited for them. On the other hand, there is a huge demand supply gap for candidates with latest technology stack. FutureA4 is a boutique search firm currently helping to catalyze the interactions between the right talent and the right opportunity, thus making it possible to create a winning relationship between job seekers and companies. This firm is helping the Customers on employer branding, talent attraction strategy and execution of end-to-end talent acquisition process with precision. Established in 2017, FutureA4 is set up by Jay Menon who is also the founder of Ruralmiles who initially worked in Mysore Cements for 11 years and then with few of the best IT companies in India for more than two decades.

  • Jay Menon: A Global Talent Acquisition Leader With Powerful Philosophy - 'Unlocking Possibilities'

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10 Best Corporate Leaders From Chennai - 2021

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  • 10 Best Corporate Leaders From Chennai - 2021

    Chennai developed into a major industrial arena by going through a drastic change in the past few years. Known as Madras in the earlier days, which was changed to Chennai after the great ruler of Kalahasti and Vandavasi Damarla Chennapa Nayaka, in the 1950s and 80s witnessed business in a family hierarchy in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, and automobiles. The businesses led to the interest of modern-day entrepreneurs, who started the development of the corporate sector in the fields of artificial intelligence, aerospace, banking and finance, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The traditional businesses are being operated successfully and industrial development has boosted the expansion of a huge number of entrepreneurs and industrial personalities, international partnerships. The development of the corporate sector has given rise to a plethora of medium, small and microfinance industries.

    With the state government of Tamil Nadu welcoming investors to Chennai, the native businesses are now open-minded about foreigners or state outsiders to set up a business. From 2015 till 2019, Chennai has hosted two Global Investors Meets. The corporate leaders in Chennai have been successful in drawing investments from the countries such as Korea, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Chennai went through an ecosystem of information and technology development when it was known as Madras, during which a gradual set up of operations was being completed by the IT firms' corporate leaders. For a long time, Chennai's tech industry was structured with IT services and BPOs, which scaled businesses and became renowned in the international arena. The highly skilled engineering professionals provided top-notch technology inventions and innovations which led to the business problem solutions of striking names in the tech world. This created Chennai one of the corporate leaders in India driven by brilliant corporate minds.

    Acknowledging the wonderful corporate personnel, in this issue of the CEO Insights Magazine, a list of `10 Best Corporate Leaders From Chennai ­ - 2021' is given to the readers in various areas by a group of industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the CEO Insights Magazine editorial team, with intensive and exclusive information about the corporate leaders exciting and encouraging journeys.

10 Best Corporate Leaders From Chennai - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Circen Tech Chandni Rallan,Founder & CEO Circen Tech Chemical Engineer who is contributing to the cause of environment development through promotions of waste water treatment technology development
DataFabricX Dinagarajan Mathivanan,Founder & Partner, Business Operations DataFabricX Experienced in mentoring teams in the industries of pharma, information tech, real estate, food & beverages and includes contribution to General Data Protection Regulation
FutureA4 Jay Menon,Founder FutureA4 Specialized in talent acquisition and management, human resource services, competency framework, sales administration, marketing, and brand management for IT and Non IT sectors
Todac Advisors Kaushik Perinkulam Ravi & Aswin Sethuraman & Priyanka Bandyopadhyay,Co-Founders Todac Advisors Tech founders supported by accelerators and incubators that provide them with the initial investment and privileges. Kaushik is highly focused in top-line growth for emerging technology start-ups, products and services companies. Aswin is extremely well versed in business development and engineering solutions. Priyanka is contributing with business planning and product marketing
KaayLabs Krishnan Naranapatty,Founder & CEO KaayLabs Has 30+ years of experience in technology development and providing solutions for toughest technology problems
Spice Media Pvt Ltd Ponravi Gunavel,Chairman Spice Media Pvt Ltd Leading the finance management with impeccable skills and experience in accounting, payroll and finance
Caladium Systems Pvt Limited Pradhyumna T Venkat,Founder & Chairman Caladium Systems Pvt Limited Renowned for technology solutions and innovation with 14+ years' experience of solving financial, strategic and operations challenges with leadership roles
TechnoSpurs Raja Arumugam,CEO & Founder TechnoSpurs Business professional with almost 20 years of industry experience leading the team at the company for growth and business expansion
Exxelo Training and Development Solutions Ranish Haran & Viji Swaminathan,Directors Exxelo Training and Development Solutions Viji Swamina than has 20+ years of experience in training trainers with certifications in the fields of neuro-linguistic programme, transactional analysis, enhancing sales force performance, transactional analysis and more. Ranish is helping individuals to grow with skills required to thrive in the industry like behaviour, emotional, soft-skills, technical skills and already has trained one Lakh individuals
Eventures Sathya Radhakrishnan,Founder & CEO Eventures Sathya has an expertise in Business Management, Sales and Marketing Services. Prior to the launch of Eventures, Sathya has worked in some of the prominent automotive companies for 14 years such as Hindustan Motors, General Motors, and Simba Motors

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